Sorting “The Umbrella Academy” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

The second season of The Umbrella Academy dropped on Netflix last month. Today, I sort the main season two characters into their respective Hogwarts Houses.


Vanya Hargreeves – Gryffindor



Vanya in season one was meek and mild-mannered until she discovered her powers, and her pain accidentally caused the end of the world. Although she spends the beginning of this season as an amnesiac, when she does recover her memories, she is afraid of her powers and tries to do what she can to prevent the same thing happening again. In addition, she is incredibly loyal to Sissy and Harlan, even risking her life to save them.


Number Five – Ravenclaw



Number Five starts the series in the future, separated from his family. He uses his intelligence to get back to his time and back to them. Once he did, he did everything he could to stop the apocalypse, which is exactly what he did in season two.


Allison Hargreeves – Slytherin



Allison is a very complicated character. She is very protective toward her daughter and second husband, and out of all the siblings, she seems to care for Vanya the most. However, her power literally gives her the ability to manipulate others, and she uses it to further her agenda, which makes her a Slytherin.


Luther Hargreeves – Slytherin



Like Allison, Luther is also a complicated character who could belong to many Houses. On the surface, he is a Gryffindor who has heroic tendencies and would do anything for the good of humankind. However, he is willing to cross lines to do so, including hurting people. He locked up Vanya in the belief that this would stop the apocalypse when all it did was cause her more pain, furthering what he was trying to protect against. His actions make him a Slytherin.


Klaus Hargreeves – Hufflepuff



Unlike his siblings, he tends to go with the flow, which causes him to accidentally start a cult in season two. This combined with his reluctance to use his abilities makes him a Hufflepuff.


Diego Hargreeves – Gryffindor



Diego is an incredibly brave character who uses his superhero training and abilities to do what is right. In doing so, he sometimes doesn’t fully think his actions through, a trait that other Gryffindors share.


Ben Hargreeves – Hufflepuff



In season two, we get to learn more about Ben and his backstory. He is incredibly loyal to his family and stuck around so he could spend more time with them. He uses his ghostliness to save Vanya from the FBI, even sacrificing himself in the process to do so. His loyalty to them definitely makes him a Hufflepuff.


The Handler – Slytherin



The Handler is manipulative and cunning, and she’s willing to do anything or hurt anyone to get what she wants. She uses her adopted daughter against the Hargreeveses and doesn’t care what her actions did to her. She is a Slytherin through and through.


Lila – Hufflepuff



Lila is a new character who ends up having abilities like the rest of the Hargreeveses. Unfortunately, she ends up in the hands of the Handler instead of being with the others. Her upbringing and training to do what her mother taught her makes her a Hufflepuff.


What do you think of my sorting? Would you put these characters in different Houses? Let us know in the comments!


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