Sorting “Bridgerton” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Bridgerton, set in a similar time as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, is currently the most-watched original Netflix series. While we were watching, we couldn’t help but wonder which Hogwarts Houses some of these characters would be in.


Daphne Bridgerton – Slytherin



Although Daphne can be kind and incredibly loyal to her family, she is also manipulative and cunning. After all, she shrewdly manages to get Simon to marry her to save her name, even though he would have fought and lost the duel with Anthony for her. Also, when she and Simon are in an intimate position, she manipulates the situation to try to conceive a child even though she knows he doesn’t want to. Her calculating nature puts her in Slytherin.


Simon Basset – Gryffindor



The Duke of Hastings is an honorable man who stands by Daphne when there is a chance their actions in the garden could ruin her. Not only that, but he also supports Colin and the other Bridgertons when Lady Whistledown’s publication reveals Marina’s pregnancy after Colin and Marina get engaged. In addition, it takes a lot of courage and bravery to face up to what his father did to him when he was a child and to overcome it for Daphne.


Anthony Bridgerton – Hufflepuff



As the viscount and the oldest male in the family, Anthony is incredibly loyal to and protective of his family. He only wants the best for them and does what he thinks is the best, even though the others may not have the same idea. Anthony definitely belongs in Hufflepuff.


Colin Bridgerton – Hufflepuff



Colin is an incredibly kind man who values honesty and follows his heart. He believes he is in love with Marina and hastily proposes to her. After learning about her pregnancy, he mentions how he would have stood by her and married her had she told him the truth.


Eloise Bridgerton – Ravenclaw



Unlike her sister, Eloise wants more from life than becoming a wife and mother. As a woman living in the early 19th century, she is trapped in the conventions of her time. Regardless, her thirst for knowledge means she does as much as she can with the resources available to her.


Penelope Featherington – Ravenclaw



The final few moments of the show reveal that Lady Whistledown is really Penelope. It must have been incredibly difficult and taken a great deal of knowledge to hide her secret from the rest of the ton, all the while portraying herself as an ordinary debutante who is only trying to find a husband.


Marina Thompson – Slytherin



Although she enters the narrative as an innocent cousin, her true nature is revealed when she and the Featheringtons discover her pregnancy. Once this comes out, she is willing to manipulate Colin into marrying her even though she knows that he genuinely cares for her and is a good person who doesn’t deserve the deception and pain.


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