Sorting “Once Upon a Time” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Like Harry Potter, the TV show Once Upon a Time is filled with magic, heroes, and villains. It follows fairy tale characters that live in the modern world. During our latest re-watch, we wondered which Hogwarts Houses they would belong in.


Emma Swan – Gryffindor



As the Savior, Emma had to overcome a plethora of challenges. From defeating Maleficent in dragon form to fighting the final battle, Emma demonstrated her bravery and chivalrous nature a multitude of times. Gryffindors are also known to be occasionally reckless, a characteristic Emma demonstrated when she got too close to Zelena’s portal, which sent her back in time.


Regina Mills/Evil Queen – Slytherin



Regina was ruthless when working on her plans. She killed her own father in order to activate the Dark Curse to get her revenge on Snow White. Even after the curse, she was still cunning and merciless, killing Graham and framing Snow White in her belief that misery was what Snow deserved. Even when Regina dropped her villainous nature, she was still manipulative and used cunning to get what she wanted, such as when she tricked Zelena into using the Apprentice’s Wand.


Snow White – Hufflepuff



Snow is driven by loyalty to her friends, family, and subjects and does whatever she can to help them. She has a strong moral compass, as demonstrated by her constant forgiveness for Regina (despite the fact that she tried to kill Snow and Charming several times). Snow’s morality, belief in others, and loyalty put her in Hufflepuff.


Prince Charming – Gryffindor



Like his daughter, Emma, Prince Charming is also a Gryffindor. He demonstrates his daring and nerve numerous times throughout the series, such as when he fights the Evil Queen’s soldiers in the pilot episode, trying to protect the newborn Emma. His courageous nature is further demonstrated when he sacrifices his heart in Season 3 to re-enact his curse and save his family and friends.


Henry Mills – Hufflepuff



Henry started off the whole story by bringing Emma to Storybrooke to defeat the curse cast by his adoptive mother. This action displays his strong sense of morality and justice. He is incredibly loyal to his family and does what he can to help them. This loyalty and morality make him a Hufflepuff.


Rumplestiltskin – Slytherin



Rumplestiltskin possesses the cunning of a true Slytherin. For years, his aim was to reunite with his son, Baelfire, even at the expense of everyone else’s happiness. Even when Rumple was in the land without magic, his manipulative nature often was displayed when it came to getting what he wanted — namely power and Belle.


Belle – Ravenclaw



Both the animated and real-life versions of Belle portray her as a bookish woman. Her intelligence is often used to find out important information about the villains the main characters faced. Her knowledge often saved the day, and it’s this intelligence that puts her in Ravenclaw.


Captain Hook – Gryffindor



Although Hook was initially introduced as a villain, his love for Emma transformed him into an honorable hero. Over the course of the series, he demonstrated his courage and loyalty numerous times, such as when he gave up his beloved ship to help Emma and sacrificed his life as the Dark One to save Storybrooke.

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