CC #474, Week of July 10, 2022


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Dumbledore: “McGonagall’s gone, guys! Plant the Dungbombs!”
—Madame M.

Jacob: (thinking) “Did I leave the ovens on in the bakery?”
Albus: (thinking) “It might have been a mistake to bring this dough boy with us.”
Newt: (thinking) “I want my Niffler; I miss my Niffler.”
Lally: (thinking) “So cute, but so tragically flawed.”
—Friend of Fawkes

Peeking into the classroom to see if there’s actually a sub.
—Amanda T.

Newt: “I really don’t think we’re six feet apart, you guys.”

The friend group’s reaction when the innocent one makes a dirty joke.

Dumbledore: “Okay, here comes Credence. When I say go, we all jump out and yell ‘Surprise, we know who your father is!'”

Dumbledore: “Everyone, hide. Here comes the Vecna. Wait… Hmm… It looks a lot like Gellert did as a teen…”

Dumbledore: “I miss the old days with Gellert.”
Jacob: “I miss the old days with Queenie.”
Newt: “I miss the old days with Tina.”
Lally: “I miss the old days wi— Wait, no I don’t. My life is awesome right now.”

The band waiting to come back on stage for the encore.

A still from the new music video of viral K-pop group Albus and the Undercover Criminals.

When you’re looking for the Uber Eats delivery, but you can’t remember if you gave the right directions to the alley you’re hiding in.
—Friend of Fawkes




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