Nine Scenes from the “Goblet of Fire” Movie that Weren’t in the Book

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the turning point where things get darker. The fourth movie was directed by Mike Newell, and you can feel how the vibe of the film is different from the whole series. The cinematography makes the plot even more mysterious than it already is, and just like in the previous parts, this movie has some interesting moments that weren’t in the book. The extra scenes from GoF are not only fun to watch but also give us very important clues for investigating the peculiar case that we have to solve throughout the movie. So, go ahead and check out these nine scenes that weren’t in the fourth book.

1. Mad-Eye Moody fights with lightning.

Alastor knows how to make a good, or in his case, a terrifying first impression. In the book, as he enters the Great Hall, the lightning from the ceiling illuminates his face, leaving the students in shock. In the movie, he shows off his Auror skills by fighting and stopping the lightning. Some fans have developed a theory, according to which, the ceiling represented the negative feelings fake Moody had for his father because the thunder began the moment he looked at Barty Crouch. We can’t tell if it’s true or not, but it sounds fantastic!


The lightning illuminates Mad-Eye's face

The lightning illuminates Mad-Eye’s face


2. Karkaroff enters the Great Hall

Okay, who else thought Igor Karkaroff was going to be the main villain of the story when you first read or watched GoF? He looks and acts very suspicious, so no wonder why even Harry and his friends blame Karkaroff for everything. The scene, where he enters the Great Hall in the middle of the night, made us all deduce that he’s the one who put Harry’s name in the Goblet. There are lots of theories now about that weird scene: some people think that it was Barty Crouch Jr. who transformed into Igor, so it’s safer for him in case he got caught. Others reckon that Karkaroff simply wanted to ensure that the Goblet would choose his favorite student, Krum, for the tournament. Sadly, we’ll never know the true meaning behind this scene.


Igor Karkaroff enters the Great Hall

Igor Karkaroff enters the Great Hall

3. Fred and George fight

We see so little of our favorite twins in the movies that every scene with them is extra precious. As the Weasley brothers drink the Ageing Potion, trying to deceive the Goblet, their hair turns white and they get long white beards. In the book, they just laugh with everyone else at their failure, but in the movie, they start fighting (for the first time!), accusing each other of causing the fiasco.


Fred and George become old because of the Aging Potion


4. Hermione becomes an owl

This is the first time we see Harry and Ron not talking to each other, so it is hard for Hermione to maintain neutrality in the best friends’ feud and hang out with both of them without offending the other. The moment she snaps at Harry, declaring that she’s not an owl, proves that this situation was indeed hard for Hermione as well. Plus it was quite funny, so naturally it became a source for thousands of memes.


Hermione snaps at Harry


5. McGonagall teaches the students how to dance

What we love the most about this movie is how accurately it managed to show the awkwardness and “tragic” problems of teenagers, like having to ask a girl to the ball, talking to your crush, having to wear secondhand clothes, or dancing in front of the whole class. The scene where McGonagall dances with Ron has become an absolute favorite, and we can see why!


McGonagall dances with Ron


6. Myrtle cuddles with Harry

Talking of awkward moments, this was definitely one of them, for both Harry and the audience. This scene was probably meant to show that Myrtle still had a crush on Harry since the second part and that ghosts can also develop feelings and emotions.


Moaning Myrtle cuddles with Harry


7. Harry fights with mermaids

In the book, the second task was far easier for Harry, as the mermaids were way nicer. They simply told Harry that he could save only one person, while in the movie they started attacking Harry, and he had to fight them off.


Mermaids attack Harry


8. Barty Crouch Junior flicks his tongue

Only the most attentive fans have noticed the major clue that gave away Mad-Eye’s real identity. In the Pensieve, we see that Barty Crouch Junior has a habit of flicking his tongue, something that seems unimportant until another scene, where the fake Mad-Eye flicks his tongue just like Barty used to do. No wonder why his father got suspicious after seeing a familiar facial gesture.


Barty Crouch Junior flicks his tongue


9. Harry finds Barty Crouch’s body

The fake Moody realized that his tongue flick gave him away, so he had to get rid of his father ASAP. As Harry and his friends are wandering in the Forbidden Forest, celebrating Harry’s victory in the Second Task, they find Barty Crouch’s body. In the book, he mysteriously disappears, and we find out about his destiny only in the very end.


Harry finds Barty Crouch’s body


Have these moments helped you realize who’s the main villain of Goblet of Fire? Let us know in the comments! 

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