Fandom Forward

“The Weapon We Have Is Love”

Inspired by the messages of love and justice that drive the Harry Potter series, Fandom Forward, formerly known as the Harry Potter Alliance, was founded with the aim of utilizing fan passion to inspire and affect social change. Since its birth, Fandom Forward has inspired hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter fans to become heroes of the Muggle world.

To date, Fandom Forward has donated over 88,000 books around the world, sent five cargo planes to Haiti, and made significant contributions to the anti-genocide, LGBTQ equality, environmental, and media reform movements. They achieved their goal in making sure that all chocolate sold by Warner Bros. for merchandising purposes doesn’t use child slavery.

They are the Muggle world’s real-life Dumbledore’s Army!

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Whether you wish to participate remotely or get involved on the ground at your local Fandom Forward Chapter, there are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute to Fandom Forward's work.

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Mission Statement

Fandom Forward is a 501c3 nonprofit that has been taking an outside-of-the-box approach since 2005 to civic engagement by using parallels from the Harry Potter books to educate and mobilize young people across the world toward issues of literacy, equality, and human rights. The mission of Fandom Forward is to empower our members to act like the heroes that they love by acting for a better world. By bringing together fans of blockbuster books, TV shows, movies, and YouTube celebrities, the power of popular culture has been harnessed and is being used to help make the world a better place. The goal of Fandom Forward is to make civic engagement exciting by channeling the entertainment-saturated facets of our culture toward mobilization for deep and lasting social change.

The Fandom Forward strategy includes:

  • Utilizing elements of many favorite fictional universes as metaphors for making sense of complex, contemporary issues.
  • Inspiring all members to take action in their local communities and all across the planet, using the power of their creativity, intelligence, and compassion to change the world.
  • Creating a worldwide network of enthusiastic fan activists who are connected via the internet and social media as well as local, community-based chapters.
  • Harnessing the media cycle to bring attention and action to issues of equality, human rights, and literacy.
  • Bringing a diverse range of inspiration and imagination to the front lines of social change by forging partnerships between multiple fan communities.



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Current Projects

Accio Books!

Accio Books! is Fandom Forward's annual book drive. Since its launch, the Accio Books campaign has donated over 400,000 books to underprivileged or underserved readers and communities in need around the world.

The success of each year's drive is summarized on the Fandom Forward website.

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Dumbledore's Army Fights Back

Dumbledore's Army Fights Back is Fandom Forward's resistance organization that brings fan activists together to take action against challenges faced by their communities. The 2019 Stop the Snatchers campaign encouraged fan activists to join local immigrant-serving organizations and spread resources to undocumented folks to combat ICE immigration raids across US cities. Additionally in 2019, Dumbledore's Army Fights Back developed four Hogwarts House-themed actions to encourage all Potter fans to get involved in immigrant justice.

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Former Projects

Fan Works Are Fair Use

Fan Works are Fair Use was Fandom Forward's campaign that celebrated and protected the works of fan creators. In 2015, Fandom Forward created the hashtag #fanworkstaughtme and encouraged the Harry Potter fandom to discuss on social media everything that fan works had given them. Additionally, the initiative created a Fan Works are Fair Use listserv for fans to sign up for that would update them on the U.S. Congress' process of reviewing the copyright law and modernizing the U.S. Copyright Office that could ultimately impact fan works.

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Friends of the Apparating Library

Friends of the Apparating Library was Fandom Forward's donor society that raised over $25,000 in 2018 to support the Boys & Girls club of Puerto Rico with their educational programs at their Clubs in Las Margaritas, Bayamón, Aguas Buenas, and Carolina.

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Granger 2020

The Granger 2020 campaign was an initiative developed by Fandom Forward to encourage members of the Harry Potter fandom to participate in the 2020 election cycle in the United States. With this initiative, Fandom Forward put forth a fake presidential election for Hermione Granger to create public conversations amongst fans about the causes and issues that matter to them.

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Helping Haiti Heal

In 2010, following a devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, Fandom Forward partnered with Nerdfighters and other fandoms (including Heroes, Lost, True Blood, The Wire and Firefly) to create Helping Haiti Heal, a home-grown effort to contribute to aid and relief. The HPA raised over $123,000 for Partners in Health in just two weeks. Five airplanes full of medical supplies were sent to Haiti with the money raised.

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In honor of its 10th anniversary, Fandom Forward hosted a 10th anniversary fundraiser in 2015 to support ten more years of activism. The fundraiser raised over $100,000 that Fandom Forward pledged to put towards future campaigns to support LGBTQIA+ rights, literacy, media reform, workers rights, disaster relief, genocide prevention, and more.

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Neville Fights Back

Neville Fights Back was Fandom Forward's 2016 campaign to resist bigotry and hate. Through this campaign, Fandom Forward regularly shared resources and new actions to promote resistance against unjust actions and foster community among fan activities. Some initiatives included standing up for net neutrality, supporting the Affordable Care Act, and protesting against the U.S. withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord.

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Not in Harry's Name

Not in Harry's Name was a 2010 campaign launched by Fandom Forward seeking to stop the unethical sourcing of Harry Potter chocolate. After four years of collecting signatures, Warner Bros. committed to making all Harry Potter-branded chocolate 100% Fair Trade certified, ensuring that child slavery would not be carried out for its creation.

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Odds in Our Favor

The Odds in Our Favor campaign was launched in 2013 to coincide with the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in theaters. The campaign encouraged fans to discuss how the issues of economic inequality highlighted in the Hunger Games novels and movies are issues in real life, as well. The campaign was re-launched in 2014, in which fans were encouraged to use the hashtag #myhungergames to share stories of income inequality, and again in 2015.

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Owls of Hope

The Owls of Hope campaign was launched in 2018 to protest the U.S. State Department capping refugee admissions at a historically low 30,000 people. Fans wrote 215 welcome letters to newly resettled refugees at the Northwest Community Center in Dallas, Texas.

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Positive Fandom

The Positive Fandom campaign was launched in 2015 with the goal to make fandoms in real life and online more inclusive and welcoming to all people. Fandom Forward created a set of Positive Fandom Guidelines and asked Fandom Forward members to read and add their signatures to them. Over 1,000 signatures were added.

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The Protego campaign was established in 2016 to empower transgender people, educate cisgender people on how to be effective allies, and provide resources to create safe spaces for transgender people at the individual, community, and policy level. The campaign partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality and sent 1,000 signed postcards to the Governor of North Carolina calling for the reversal of H.B. 2, a state law preventing trans people from using public restrooms that align with their gender identity. Fandom Forward also launched Restroom Revelio, a campaign that called upon activists to update the app Refuge Restroom that catalogs safe and clean gender neutral bathrooms.

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US Quidditch Cup 9

In 2016, Accio Books brought its book drive to Quidditch Cup 9 in Columbia, South Carolina to collect books for the Good Shepherd School in Masaka, Uganda. Enough books were donated to open a brand new library at the school and still donate to over 50 other organizations across the globe.

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Wizard Rock the Vote

The Wizard Rock the Vote campaign was launched in 2008 to assist Harry Potter fans with the voter registration process. Most of the campaign was conducted by Fandom Forward volunteers who assisted people with voter registration at wizard rock concerts across the U.S. The Wizard Rock the Vote campaign was re-launched in 2016, successfully raising over $50,000 to register 700+ new voters and inspire 3,000 to commit to voting, and again in 2018, going on tour with wizard rock band Tonks and the Aurors who provided show attendees with state-specific voter registration guides.

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A World #WithoutHermione

A World Without Hermione was Fandom Forward's gender equity campaign that focused on equal access to education for girls. In 2017, Fandom Forward partnered with She's the First, an organization that supports girls who will the first in their families to attend college. Fandom Forward raised $43,045 for eight She's the First scholars that went towards their education costs.
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