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Sidney Harmon

Content Restoration Manager | Tumblr Ambassador

I grew up to the Harry Potter movies playing endlessly in our house, and no family road trip was complete without my mother’s voice reading one of the books from the front seat, sneaking her own commentary into the narration to make us laugh. It’s no surprise that I came to love Harry Potter‘s magical world and its stories and people. I try to make the world a little bit better every day, but along the way, I enjoy volunteering for MuggleNet, traveling, drinking coffee, and, yes, reading books besides Harry Potter.


Staff Member of the Month:05/2021

Staff Member of the Year:2023

Eric Scull

Community Content Editor

Elizabeth Grace

Web Content Editor

Ellie Zubrowski

Web Content Editor

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Kinjal Thakker

Standards & Procedures Coordinator | Web Content Editor

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Campaign Librarian | Web Content Editor