Abbie Hendry

Content Development Manager

I grew up as a part of the Harry Potter generation.

Jennifer Creevy

Content Administrator

I’m a proud Hufflepuff from near London, currently at university trying to exceed expectations and get a degree.

Katy Cartee Haile

Restoration Manager

Geeky, nerdy, hippie chic who's obsessed with rainbows, the 80s & Harry Potter. Also, producer/host on MN's Alohomora podcast.

Elizabeth Grace

Content Editor & Journalist

Sidney Harmon

Content Editor

Tracy Dunstan

Campaign Librarian & Content Editor

Kinjal Thakker

Content Editor

John L. Wilda

Recipe Editor & Standards & Procedures Assistant

Brittney Miller

Content Editor

Leah Fishwick

Content Editor

Eric Scull

Community Content Editor

Katie Hynes

Content Editor & Transcriber

Charlie Kelliher

Content Editor


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