Copy Editing & Transcription

The Copy Editing & Transcription Team is committed to consistency and continual improvement. Our Copy Editors keep us looking as professional as possible, and our Transcribers help ensure our audio content is accessible to all.

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Meg Scott

Transcript Coordinator | Copy Editor

Human since 1993 and Potter fan since 2001. Maker of things, cinephile, amateur guitarist, cat mom, living human girl.

Things I like: all animals, seeing live music, crème brûlée, Dana Scully, creating art about beds and hands, the color turquoise, a good cup of tea. Things I don’t like so much: arrogance, avocados, waking up early, anxiety.


Staff Member of the Month:04/2020

Staff Member of the Year:2020

Breanna Berthiaume

Promoter | Copy Editor

Catherine Lai

News Administrator | Copy Editor

Deanna Abrash

Copy Editor | Transcriber

Jennifer Rapp

Copy Editor

Marica Laing

Marketing Manager | Copy Editor

Ryan McCormick


Sarah O’Phelan

Copy Editor