⚡️ BOLT ⚡️

A quarterly honor, BOLT is awarded to someone that we believe represents the Best of our Leadership Team. Members of Leadership nominate others on the team, then vote to select the person most deserving of recognition.

Laurie Beckoff

Campaign Manager

My Harry Potter journey began in 2000 at the age of six with my parents reading it to me. It sparked a passion for fantasy, Latin, and Arthurian literature, leading me to pursue a bachelor’s in English at the University of Chicago and a master’s in Medieval Literatures and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh. My senior thesis and master’s dissertation were about medievalism in Potter, and I produce MuggleNet’s academic podcast, Potterversity. I’m from New York City and love theatre, science fiction, and trivia. I accomplished a geeky life goal when I appeared on Jeopardy!.


Staff Member of the Year:2021


Pooja Bhatti

Staffing Coordinator | Representative

Kat Miller

Creative Director

Liz Young

Editorial Manager

Tracy Dunstan

Campaign Librarian | Web Content Editor

Laurie Beckoff

Campaign Manager

Catherine Lai

News Administrator | Copy Editor

Sidney Harmon

Content Restoration Manager | Tumblr Ambassador

Marica Laing

Marketing Manager | Copy Editor

Sas Rhodes

Contributions Editor

Jessica J.

Book & Blog Coordinator

Meg Scott

Transcript Coordinator | Copy Editor

Amy Hogan

Media Manager

Kinjal Thakker

Standards & Procedures Coordinator | Web Content Editor

Nicole Olmsted

Social Media Coordinator

Lucy Demuth

Media Manager

Jennifer Creevy

Content Development Manager

Carolyn Sehgal

Graphics Manager | LinkedIn Ambassador