Alison Siggard

Campaign Administrator

If you want to imagine me, imagine Hermione – I've been told that I both look & act exactly like her, from the bossiness to the frizzy hair!

Helene Karp

Partnerships Manager

When I was about 8 or so, my dad tried to get me to read more by offering to pay me a penny a page for every book that I completed.

Jessica J.

Book & Blog Coordinator

My mother and I drove 800 miles in a car with no air conditioning (in July!) so that I could visit the Knight Bus when it was on tour.

Laurie Beckoff

Campaign Coordinator

I earned two degrees by writing about medievalism in Harry Potter. Ask me about Ron Weasley and Sir Gawain.

Sas Rhodes

Editorialist & Marketing Assistant

Tracy Dunstan

Campaign Librarian & Web Content Editor

Amanda Halmes

Book & Blog Promoter & Representative

Carolyn Sehgal

Graphics Librarian & LinkedIn Ambassador


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