Jessica J.

Book & Blog Coordinator

My mother and I drove 800 miles in a car with no air conditioning (in July!) so that I could visit the Knight Bus when it was on tour.

Karmen Allison

Marketing Coordinator & Book & Blog Promoter

Writing about the wizarding world has always been a dream and passion of mine.

Laurie Beckoff

Campaign Manager

I earned two degrees by writing about medievalism in Harry Potter. Ask me about Ron Weasley and Sir Gawain.

Alice Ma Chérie

Marketing Assistant

Alison Siggard

Campaign Producer

Johanna Lagerroos

Marketing Assistant

Daisy Perez

Marketing Assistant

Tracy Dunstan

Campaign Librarian & Web Content Editor

Morgan Warnock

Campaign Producer

Marica Laing

Journalist & Newsletter Specialist

Carolyn Sehgal

Graphics Librarian & LinkedIn Ambassador


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