Alison Siggard

Campaign Administrator

If you want to imagine me, imagine Hermione – I've been told that I both look & act exactly like her, from the bossiness to the frizzy hair!

Courtney Wallace

Advertising Manager

It is fun now sharing my love of Harry Potter with my niece and nephew.

Helene Karp

Partnerships Manager

When I was about 8 or so, my dad tried to get me to read more by offering to pay me a penny a page for every book that I completed.

Jessica J.

Book & Blog Coordinator

My mother and I drove 800 miles in a car with no air conditioning (in July!) so that I could visit the Knight Bus when it was on tour.

Laurie Beckoff

Campaign Coordinator

I earned two degrees by writing about medievalism in Harry Potter. Ask me about Ron Weasley and Sir Gawain.

Tracy Dunstan

Campaign Librarian & Content Editor

Librarian. Historian. Writer. Ravenclaw. INFJ. Film fan. Anglophile.

Zoé Fleury

Patreon Coordinator

I remember when I was 11, I was awfully worried that if I were in California, I wouldn't receive my letter.

Jihan Pottinger

Marketing Assistant

Sas Rhodes

Editorialist & Marketing Assistant


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