The Staffing and Standards & Procedures Teams act as MuggleNet’s own version of the Hogwarts library, providing resources to help MuggleNet staff, answering questions, and maintaining consistency across all MuggleNet teams and content.

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Kinjal Thakker

Standards & Procedures Coordinator | Web Content Editor

My best friend and her Goblet of Fire DVD got me addicted to the Potter series when I was 10. I’ve devoured all the books and movies, scoured the internet for the latest Potter news, indulged in Potter quizzes and games, and made endless references and puns. MuggleNet has helped keep that love alive and I’ve gained friends from all over the world.

In my muggle life, I’m a Product Designer from India and a bit of a perfectionist. I enjoy bad puns, love winter, and get easily attached to fictional characters. I love coffee, dark chocolate, and spicy food.


Tracy Dunstan

Campaign Librarian | Web Content Editor

Librarian. Historian. Writer. Ravenclaw. INFJ. Theatre lover. Travel obsessed. These are the words I’d be most likely to use to describe me. At least that’s what’s on my Twitter profile, so it must be true. I discovered Harry Potter a little late in the game (high school) but have loved it ever since. My favorite characters are Harry, Hermione, and Luna, and my favorite book in the series is Deathly Hallows.


Staff Member of the Month:12/22

Pooja Bhatti

Staffing Coordinator

A textbook Ravenclaw; if I was given an invisibility cloak, I would also take my first trip to the library and spend hours reading. My go-to Potter book is the third one because it was the first Potter book I read (the only “order” I care about is the Order of the Phoenix). I love the arts, cute puppies, and all things Disney, Barbie, and Harry Potter (obviously).  My favourite line from the Potter films is: “no offense, but I really don’t care”, as that sums up my whole mood when anyone tries to tell me that I’m too old to receive my Hogwarts letter or that perhaps I should read and watch a different series.


Staff Member of the Month:08/2023

Victoria Velasco

Standards & Procedures Assistant