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MuggleNet’s Social Media Team is a global, passionate, and creative family of Wizarding World fans who dedicate themselves to sharing diverse, engaging, and inclusive content with other Wizarding World fans all over the world using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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Nicole Olmsted

Social Media Coordinator

Harry Potter became a part of my life shortly after Sorcerer’s Stone was published when I was seven years old. I started visiting MuggleNet in its very early days and it quickly became my homepage. I joined the MuggleNet team in 2016 and am thrilled to be working for the site that has been part of my life for so many years now! Harry Potter truly was my childhood and has deeply rooted itself in my adulthood as well. In my Muggle life, I am a Human Resources manager at Target.


Staff Member of the Month:08/2017, 05/2020

Kerri-Anne Baker

Social Media Promoter

Princess Jhode T. Datu

Editorialist | Reddit Ambassador