Like Hogwarts, the MuggleNet Video Team is a community we call home. As a diverse family of passionate fans, we join forces to create thoughtful, imaginative content that sparks discussion and keeps the magic alive.

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Amy Hogan

Media Manager

I was introduced to Harry Potter at age 9 when my aunt gifted me the first film for Christmas. My sister thought I was too young to read the books, but I thought otherwise. The rest is history.

On my 12th birthday, I met MuggleNet founder Emerson Spartz at a book signing, not knowing that seven years later I would start working for the site as part of the Creative Team.

I oversee a team of Video Producers, but also contribute video content and articles of my own.

MuggleNet has given me irreplaceable friendships and an invaluable creative outlet.


Staff Member of the Month:10/2015, 06/2020

Lucy Demuth

Media Manager

I was introduced to the Wizarding World when I was 10 by my mum. She gave me the audiobook to help me get interested in reading, and thanks to Harry Potter, my love of reading came along with my love of the world.

My love of Harry Potter has had a huge impact on me, and the films have made me pursue a career in the film and TV industry and create stories that can impact people in the way that Harry Potter has for so many people.


Staff Member of the Month:11/2018

Andrew Nassar

Video Producer

Bailey Alfaro

Video Producer

Tom Dell’Agnola

Video Producer

Holly Vinson

Video Producer