Age Line




You have reached an Age Line.

… and mind you, I – Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore – created it.
So there is no cheating unless, of course, you fancy a nice, ever-growing beard?
By all means, be my guest.



MuggleNet turns 20

… and we are excited to announce a major change to the world’s #1 Harry Potter fansite designed to offer a more personalized fandom experience based on age. Select your age below and be transported to a space just for you!

If you are younger than MuggleNet, we suggest you check out MuggleNet JUNIOR, whereas if you are older, MuggleNet AFTER DARK might just be the right place for you. Learn more by clicking on the images below:



Feeling a little bit in limbo? Eventually, we will also be introducing MuggleNet TEEN for fans age 13 to 20. Write a diary entry to Tom Riddle to let off some adolescent angst. Create study groups for OWLs and NEWTs (or GCSEs and SATs). More on this to come!

Keep your eyes peeled for sneak peeks and updates! We welcome your feedback and suggestions.