MuggleNet After Dark

MuggleNet After Dark



Potter fans age like fine firewhiskey, so we’d like to invite you old-timers to a 20-and-up-only space for sophisticated discourse. After 20 years, our readers, like MuggleNet itself, may be ready for a new chapter in their engagement with the series.



If MuggleNet Junior is Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, MuggleNet After Dark is a Ken Burns documentary. Imagine sipping oak-matured mead while partaking in a fireside chat about the literary merits of the series. Reminisce with fandom throwbacks for those old enough to remember the wildest pre-2007 theories and viral fan-made videos from the days before memes. Participate in organized debates. Indulge in nostalgia for a time when J.K. Rowling didn’t tweet. Revisit the glory days without spin-offs or questions of canon. Put on your reading glasses and leave the cosplay to the kids!



Check back soon to see all of the magic happening!


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