“SpeakBeasty” Episode 40: “Look at All the Fawkes I Give”

Join hosts Ariel, Elayna, Megan, and Michael for SpeakBeasty’s 40th episode! Celebrate this milestone episode by tuning in for our discussion on the 20th anniversary of Philosopher’s Stone. Who makes the better sidekick: Jacob or Ron? And bonus? The beast of this episode’s “Newt Case” is none other than our favorite sassy creature, the Sasquatch!

Episode 40: Look at All the Fawkes I Give

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ It’s SpeakBeasty: The Musical!
→ “
The Phoenix Register”: The Teen Choice Awards!
→ Lots of nominated beasts.
→ Harry Potter turns 20.
→ Could Newt’s story have survived without Harry’s?
→ “It’s AcoroMANtula, not AcromanTULa.”
→ Severus Weasley and Cinderella Black?
→ “It was I who dropped the piano!”
→ Ron vs. Jacob: “They’re both fluffy bunnies.”
→ The SpeakBeasty strudel cleanse.
→ We decided on the topic of Episode 240…
→ “Six shots and a brain exploder.”
→ Gnarlak Jerkbutt!
“The Time-Turner”: Michael’s wizard cards!
→ Norvel Twonk and the Barry Manilow of vampires…
→ “The Newt Case”: We gonna talk about Sasquatch.
→ Sasquatch needs a Teen Choice Award.

PODCAST QUESTION: What other famous historical witches and wizards from Jo’s canon do you think we’ll see in the films?

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