Name Origins

Now that the series has come to an end, MuggleNet has created a comprehensive list of all of our favorite character names, places, objects, and strange nouns that JKR appears to have created from nowhere. But where did these words originate? You can find out here!

This page serves as a reference for what some of the names and places in the Harry Potter series mean in other languages, what they might be named after, or some stories surrounding them in mythology. The names are in alphabetical order. To find someone, look for their first name or last name. If we have the etymology for both (or multiple parts) of the names, you will find them separated. For instance, Severus Snape is separated into “Severus” and “Snape.” If a name has meaning when left together, such as Fleur Delacour, it will be left that way. Titles are behind the character’s name (e.g., “Voldemort, Lord”).

Special thanks to Fronskie Feint for some of these origins and to Steve Vander Ark from the Harry Potter Lexicon for some help with the spells.

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