Potter DIY

While we may not be able to jump into the books and into Harry’s world (tragic, we know), we can do everything in our Muggle powers to satiate that desire. From wands to costumes, decorations to replicas, MuggleNet’s DIY page is your one-stop click for homemade Potter!

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  • Send your DIY write-ups, including a list of materials and your steps, in the body of your email. Add photos in JPEG format as attachments. External links will not be followed.
  • Do not send any images with profanity.
  • Make sure to give your submission a title, and include a quick blurb about yourself and how you came up with your tutorial!
  • Note: By submitting DIYs to MuggleNet.com, you give us the right to publish your piece(s) on our various DIY pages. This includes the name of the individual submitting the tutorial.
  • Now that you know the rules, you can submit your tutorials to mugglenetdiy@gmail.com


[button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”http://www.alivans.com/” target=”blank” ]Be sure to check out Alivan’s for the best in Harry Potter wands[/button] [divider]

Click on the image of your choice to see their full page:

[toggle title=”Crafts” state=”open” ] golden-snitch1_100Feeling crafty? Looking for a project to satisfy that artistic itch? What about some new home Delacour? (See what we did there?) Then look no further! These DIYs are sure to lift the magic right off the page and into your home. From fun projects for kids to Potter-themed party essentials, you won’t want to miss these awesome craft tutorials!

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Cosplay” state=”open” ] deatheater-mask_100Make sure to WOW everyone at your next convention with the latest and greatest in Harry Potter garb! Our cosplay section is sure to have a tutorial to fit your role-playing needs. Wardrobe need a little update? Try our DIY Hogwarts blazer! What about a wand – haven’t got one of those yet? MuggleNet has you covered.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Holiday” state=”open” ] Ravenclaw-ornament_100Staying at Hogwarts for the holidays? Perfect, so are we. Here you’ll find enough decoration DIYs to deck out all 12 Christmas trees in the Great Hall! If you’re looking for that last little Harry Potter-inspired touch to help with the Christmas spirit, you’re in the right place.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Food” state=”open” ] goldensnitchcakes_100A section you may already be familiar with, Madam Rosmerta’s the Three Broomsticks houses a lengthy menu of food and drink for you to sample (with step-by-step instructions, of course!). If you’ve got a craving that you just can’t shake, then you’ve found your home in this wizard-exclusive inn. Our compliments to the chef.