CC #012: Week of January 5, 2003

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Ron: Curse Dumbledore!
Harry: What is it?
Ron: It’s Book Five! But we can only get it if we don’t want to read it!

Ron: Eww!
Harry: What is it?
Ron: I don’t want to look like Snape!
Snape: So you are the ones out of bed..
Ron: But.. how?
Snape: I took the glass out of the mirror. Seventy points from both of you…

Ron: Wow, Harry! Where’d you get that jumper?!
Harry: There wasn’t a note
Hermione: Give it to Professor McGonagall, it could be jinxed!
Harry: Where’d you come from?!?
Ron: Must’ve apparated…
Hermione: How many times do I have to tell you? You can’t apparate at Hogwarts!

Harry: Look, that’s my parents!
Ron: Harry… It’s.. Hermione in a bikini and she’s…
Harry: Step aside for a moment, Ron…

Ron: My pants are definitely getting tighter!
Harry: I told you it shows us what we want!

Harry: Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi… what do you think that means?
Ron: I think it means that the McRib is now on McDonalds’ dollar menu…
Harry: What’s the McRib, and what’s McDonalds?
Ron: Those Muggles were really cruel to you! Not knowing what McDonalds is!

Ron: Hey!
Harry: What happened?
Ron: Got any Double A’s? The Mirror’s dead

Ron: Wow! I get to meet Georgia Bolender in the screening of PoA?!?
Harry: No, no, no! You’re supposed to say ‘Am I really THAT fat?’ or ‘A zit!’ Like everybody else wants!
Chris: None of this is in the script!!!

‘I told Mum never to show anyone that picture – And look, she’s enlarged it and framed it!’

‘I’m holding the House Cup! Wait, that’s the… Forever Non-Achieving Sidekick award?!?’

‘Is that facial hair?!? Quick, get me a razor before they see me and kick me from the series!
-Vic and Gil

Ron: Blimey, Harry, your mum is hot!
Harry: Dude, that is soo uncool…

Ron: Look, it’s Gandalf. He has the ring!
Harry: Where?!?

Harry: See that’s my mum there, and that’s.. what is it?
Ron: Well it’s odd, that your mum is a pair of thick wooly socks!

Ron: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
Harry: Uh, Ron, it’s not that mirror…

Ron: And all this time.. We thought it was Hagrid or Ginny who died?!?
Harry: It isn’t fair! Why couldn’t it have been one of them.. or even Colin!
Ron: It had to be him! WHY?!? Why did she do this to us?!?
Harry: Snape will be missed…
Ron: NOT!!!!
Harry: HAHAHAHA!!!
-Eric [Staff]





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