CC #014: Week of January 19, 2003

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‘Four hundred and fifteen, four hundred and sixteen, four hundred and seventeen! See, I told you Hogwarts could not possibly have a thousand students!’

‘I was talking to Percy Weasley… He told me that you said that Oliver Wood said that Lee Jordan said that Susan Bones said that Pansy Parkinson said that Vincent Crabbe said that Gregory Goyle said that Cedric Diggory said that Cho Chang said that she heard Ronald Weasley say that Draco Malfoy heard Alicia Spinnet talking who said that Fred and George Weasley said that Harry said that Chris said that I wasn’t going to be in the third movie… Is it true?!?’

‘Yes, it’s such a pity that I died before the perm was invented…it would have done wonders for my social life!’
-Naomi and Rachel

Nick: The first time I set eyes on you, my head nearly came off!
Lady: *giggles*
Nick: In my many years of haunting this castle I’ve never seen anything as radiant as you!
Lady: *blushes*
Nick: Now, I’d like to ask you something…
Lady: Yes! Yes, Nick, I’ll be yours forever!
Nick: What? Oh, sorry, Lady, I was talking to Miss Granger, I can see her through you.

‘They’re saying that Dobby’s the new hot favourite for the Next-to-get-killed-off Award! We’ll have to wait until the twenty-first to find out for sure, though. I’d say I’d have a good chance… *sigh* But I’m already dead..’

Nick: Have you heard? Harriet Potter is the new Gryffindor Seeker! I always knew she’d do well!!!
Ron: That’s what you think! His name is Harry and he’s the new Gryffindor Seeker!
Nick: That’s what you think!
Ron: …..

Nick: Did you say that Larry Schmotter has warts?
Lady: No, I said that Harry Potter should not go back to Hogwarts!

Nick: Gray Lady, you seem a bit more gray today, why is that?
Lady: I miss being the White and Alive Lady!

‘I’m telling you, there’s something fishy going on in this school! last night I awoke to see Snape with a scissors over me saying ‘come here, my precciooussss!‘ What was that all about? Doesnt he know that if he wants to get his hair as silky and white as mine all he has to do is wash it?!?’

Nick: Chris? Chris Columbus? I thought you weren’t going to be directing us after CoS!
Chris: Who said anything about directing? I’m here for the audition of Winky for Goblet of Fire!
Nick: ?!?!
Chris: See, look – *squeaky voice* Mr. Crouch is a baaad wizard!

Lady: They do destroy the ring in the end, don’t they?
Nick: I’m tired of explaining it to you! Go downstairs and get the book off my desk!

Lady: So, what’s it like being nearly headless?
Nick: Well, it has it’s advantages. For example, it adds another three chapters to the Kama Sutra!

‘Do you mean to tell me I’ve had spinach stuck between my teeth for Five Hundred Years?!?’

‘Have you heard? The Fat Friar wants to further be known as the ‘Horizontally Endowed’ Friar!’

‘Thank you for agreeing to go to the ball with me! I knew if I begged for hundreds of years you’d eventually give in!’

‘…so then, you go through the trapdoor, underneath the Devil’s Snare, through another chamber with keys, past the chessmen, and there’ll be a troll.. After that, all you’ve got to do is advance to the next chamber and….’
-Eric [Staff]

Nick: Have you been to the Hufflepuff Common Room?!?
Grey Lady: No?
Nick: It’s the hip-hip-hippest spot there is!
-Eric [Staff]

Nick: …and it shows you what you want most!
Lady: What did you see?
Nick: I didn’t have any reflection…
-Eric [Staff]





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