CC #027: Week of April 20, 2003

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Mr. Weasley: So when did Hermione show her first signs of magic?
Mr. Granger: When she was six… I asked her to put a book down…
Mrs. Granger: She didn’t like that at all… she started screaming, and then the table cloth caught fire!
Mr. Granger: Then the eggs started chasing me around the house!
Mr. Weasley: Really? The same thing happened with us and Ron! Except.. we asked him to pick up a book…

Mr. Weasley: And then there was this one time…
Mr. Granger: *under breath* okay.. on the count of three.. we’ll run for the exit! 1….2…

Mr. Weasley: So, how does a car work?
The Grangers: We don’t know…
Mr. Weasley: How does a computer work?
The Grangers: We don’t know…
Mr. Weasley: How does a camera work?
The Grangers: We don’t know, how come you ask?
Mr. Weasley: I just saw a mysterious flash…
The Grangers: Hi, Eric!

Mr. Weasley: You say you’re Muggles? How fascinating! So, you must know all about eckeltricity!
Mrs. Granger: *small smile*
Mr. Weasley: I myself spent months studying light blubs
Mr. Granger: *bites lip trying not to laugh*
Mr. Weasley: …Last year I taught my son, Ron, how to use a fellytone
Mrs. Granger: *covers mouth sniggering*
Mr. Weasley: Soon, we’ll move onto the compoopiter
Mr. Granger: Hehehehe….
Mr. Weasley: …In a few weeks we should be connected to the intranect, too!
The Grangers: *rolling on the floor* PWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Mr. Weasley: Mr. Rogers!? Is that you?! Oh my gosh! I am your BIGGEST fan! I’ve been watching your show since I was a little boy! ‘It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!’ I even named one of my sons for you! Fred, get over here a minute! I can’t believe I’m actually meeting you! it’s such an honor to be meeting such a famous and influential person!
Mr. Malfoy: But you don’t care about meeting me?!?
Harry: I’m famous, too!

Mr. Weasley: Hello, my name is Arthur Weasley. I collect plugs.
Mr. Granger: Hello, we are Hermione’s parents. We collect funny looking hats… how much do you want for that one?
Mr. Weasley: How about a rubber duck?
Mr. Granger: Deal!
Mrs. Granger: What an idiot

Mr. Weasley: …What’s so funny?
The Grangers: ….
Mr. Weasley: Why are you laughing at me?
The Grangers: …
Mr. Weasley: Oh, I get it. You can’t say anything because nobody knows who you are or why you are here!
The Grangers: *nod*
Mr. Weasley: Well.. nice to meet you!

Arthur: It’s NOT funny!
Mr. Granger: teehee… Rubber Duck… *cracks up laughing*

‘And what exactly is so funny about my hat?’

Mr. Granger: So then the duck says ‘Put it on my bill’! *laughs*
Mrs. Granger: *laughs a little*
Mr. Weasley: …I don’t get it…?

Mr. Weasley: What’s that you’re holding, Mr. Granger?
Mr. Granger: Oh, It’s Eric’s birthday present!
Mr. Weasley: Oh! What did you get him?
Mr. Granger: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!
Mr. Weasley: …Isn’t that supposed to come out in June?
Mr. Granger: Ah.. yeah.. but.. Barnes and Noble didn’t have good security, so it wasn’t hard to get!
JK Rowling: Mr. Granger! That’s it, you’re dying in Book Six!

Maybe we can double date some time!
-Gina and Kayla

-To get to the other side! HA! Get it?

Mr. Weasley: Did you know that your daughter dumped my son for a Bulgarian Quidditch player?!? Ron is much more handsome and his nose isn’t even broken!
The Grangers: *snickering* I’m sure our daughter meant.. nothing by it…
Mr. Weasley: Well I certainly hope not! It’s not every day a lady can find a quality man who can pull such comical faces!

‘Now I’m wearing ‘Barbie’ Underwear. Tell me, what exactly do you Muggles use it for?’

Mr. Weasley: So, what exactly is the function of ‘the pill’?
Mrs. Granger: *looks at the several Weasley children* well.. um…
-Rowena and Amanda

‘So you’re dentists? Can you show me how that little drill thing works?!’

Mr. Weasley: So, you’re Hermione’s parents!
Mrs. Granger: *coughHATcough*
Mr. Granger: *nodding and trying not to laugh*

‘Hey! Where’d you guys get those outrageous Halloween costumes from?!?’

Mr. Weasley: Ya know, that mudblood of yours has really developed since last year!
The Grangers: ?!?!

Mr. Weasley: What?!?!?
The Grangers: *laughing* Nothing! Nothing!
Mr. Weasley: Why are you laughing?!?
Mrs. Granger: *smiling* no reason…
Hermione: *walks up* Why do you have a ‘kick me’ sign on your back, Mr. Weasley?
The Grangers: Hermione! SHUT UP!

Mr. Weasley: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
Mr. Rodgers: Hey! That’s supposed to be my line!
Mrs. Rodgers: Now calm down, Dear, you don’t want to get hyper from that bag of sugar you just ate!

Mr. Weasley: Well, you know, my son, Ron, has the hots for your daughter Hermione!
Mr. Granger: Really? We didn’t know that?
Mr. Weasley: Oh no? Call the two kids here! Ron!
Ron: What, Dad?
Mr. Weasley: Tell Mr. Granger your intentions with his daughter!
Ron: *freezes*

‘I’m sick of all these people complaining about not getting speech bubbles. Back in my day we never had speech bubbles!’

Mr. Weasley: Hermione tells me that you’re dentists!
Mr. Granger: Yes, we are.
Mr. Weasley: Fascinating! W..What’s a dentist?
Mr. Granger: *sniggers* We cut peoples’ tongues out!!!

Mr. Weasley: *Pulls out wand and letters appear* Eric forgot the speech bubble again!
Chris: Eric! How could you forget it again?!?
Eric: I told you! A Speech Bubble is not within limits of the budget this week!

Mr. Granger: Boy do you remind me of the Pillsbury Dough Boy!
Mr. Weasley: ‘Pillsbury Dough Boy’? Is that a Muggle thing?
Mr. Granger: Why, yes *pokes Arthur’s stomach*
Mr. Weasley: *Giggles insanely*

Mr. Weasley: You must be Muggles!
The Grangers: Yes, we are.
Mr. Weasley: Fascinating! I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind…
Mrs. Granger: Certainly!
Mr. Weasley: So.. Why do you drive on parkways and park on driveways?
Mr. Granger: Erm…
Mr. Weasley: Why do they call it a ‘TV Set when you only get one?
Mrs. Granger: ….
Mr. Weasley: When, exactly, do the cows ‘come home’?
Mr. Granger: ……
-Eric (Staff)





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