CC #030: Week of May 11, 2003

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Scary Old Man 1: Hello…..
Scary Old Man 2: *higher pitch* Hello….
Scary Old Man 3: *highest* Hello!
Harry: *gulp*

Dumbledore: Alas, Harry, I am sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no; we will not let you brush our long silky hair!
Harry: Aww….

Harry: Ah, my Angels have arrived!
‘Angels’: Good morning, Charlie!

Harry: Umm.. Dumbledore?
Albus: Yes, Harry?
Harry: Why are Gandalf and Sarumon in your office?
Sarumon: He has a point, you know!
Gandalf: Yes, he does… why are we here, Dumbledore?
Albus: Because Andrew copied and pasted you into this picture, that’s why!

Dumbledore: ‘Harry, my real name isn’t Albus Dumbledore.. it’s Larry. This is Curly, and this is Moe.’

Sorting Hat: Bee in your bonnet, Potter?
Harry: Yes, I’m seeing triple

‘Merry Christmas, Harry!’

Saruman: But I thought women liked older men!
Harry: Err.. sorry.. no.
Gandalf: Will you imagine that!
Dumbledore: Women are the great mystery of both our worlds…
Harry: Should I go apologize to Ginny for you now…?

‘Wow, ZZ Top! Can I have your autograph?!’

Harry: ‘I see old people…’

Saruman: Chicks dig the white hair.
Dumbledore: He’s right, you know…
Eric: Captions are judged on humour and originality. This is neither!
Emerson: Yeah, get your OWN caption!

‘We had to write about our heros at school, Mr. Saruman, and I wrote about you!

Saruman: Boy, join the Dark Side…
Gandalf: No! Join the Good Side!
Harry: Dumbledore, what do you think?
Albus: Don’t look at me, I’m not in this!
-Just C.

Harry: ‘Why did I join the Crazy-old-wizards-with-long-white-beards-and-hair-that-wear-dresses Club?!’

Dumbledore: Saruman, how could you betray a fellow wizard?
Saruman: *sighs*
Dumbledore: And an old friend, too!
Saruman: *rolls eyes*
Harry: You are forever disgraced among all wizards and…
Saruman: Hey! Isn’t that Waldo?
All: WHERE?!
Saruman: *runs*

‘Oh.. McGonagall let it slip to Flitwick that she totally digs the white-hair long-beard thing…’

Dumbledore: Now, Harry, give the nice wizards back their ring…
Harry: No, it’s my precious.. it came to me!

‘Yes, I know the lighting on us three is totally impossible, but give Andrew a break!’

Harry decided to help his community by visiting the local retirement home.


Saruman: Give me The Ring of Power!
Dumbledore: Now, what would the heir of Slytherin be doing with The Ring of Power?
Harry: Hey! I thought you said you believed me! And what is Gandalf doing here?!
Gandalf: Me? I’m just here for the buffet…

Harry: ‘Saruman.. let.. go.. of.. my nose…’

‘Darn it, why are we in this commercial for hair dye?!’

Dumbledore: Bud..
Saruman: Weis…
Gandalf: *belch* Errrr…

Harry: Hey! You’re Gandalf!
Gandalf: Yes, yes I am…
Harry: Did you know that there’s a picture of you above the door in Dumbledore’s office?
Ian McKellan: Really? I want to get paid extra for that!

Dumbledore: ‘As we killed off Nicolas by destroying the Philosopher’s Stone, I had to find some new companions…’





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