CC #040: Week of July 20, 2003

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Myrtle: Harry, What happened to your scar? It’s on your cheek!
Harry: Oh, yeah. I accidentally put it through the washing machine and now it won’t stick

‘And that, Myrtle, is how babies are born….’

Myrtle: Ten points if you can get it through her head!
Harry: …So that goes to Gryffindor…right?

‘What’s wrong, Harry? You look like you’ve seen a ghost…’
-Hannah B.

Myrtle: I swear Harry, I didn’t know that-
Harry: Oh stop lying! I can see right through you!

Myrtle: I’ll get revenge on Olive Hornby or die trying!
Harry: Isn’t that kind of an empty promise?

Myrtle: Harry!!
Harry: What?
Myrtle: Er…the chamber is open…
*Harry looks down*
Harry: Oh…sorry *zip*

Myrtle: Now, if I just blur my eye’s like this, your eyes do look green!
-Cho and Kathy

Harry: Listen Myrtle…Are you sure you don’t want to sit down? You look rather pale…
-Stewart Pelto

Myrtle: ‘What do you mean you see dead people?

Myrtle: Can you see me clearly?
Harry: No, but I can see through you just fine!
-Frances G.

Harry: *Terrified look at Ron*
Ron: Harry, if we’re looking in the Mirror of Eised, and you say that you see Moaning Myrtle, does that mean you want to…
Harry: *says much too quickly* No!

Harry: Oi, Myrtle, if you looked into the Mirror of Erised what would you see?
Myrtle: Well… I’d see me, alive of course, watching Peeves burning in…
Harry: Myrtle…
Myrtle: Right after I’d shoved my foot up his….
Harry: Myrtle…!
Myrtle: Oh, and peace on Earth!

Myrtle: What do you mean you don’t die in the fifth book?!

And it was love at first sight…
-Paul Cohn

‘So this is Ron’s idea of a practical joke, eh?’

Harry: *Looking through Myrtle* Hey Ron, I can see you!
Ron: *waves* Hi, Harry!

Harry gazed into the Mirror of Erised and was pleased to learn that he really would look nice in pig-tails…

Myrtle: *Indignantly angry* …It’s because I’m dead, isn’t it?!
Harry: what‘s because you’re dead?
Myrtle: The stupid Muggles didn’t give me a speech bubble!

Harry: Strange… the Mirror of Erised never showed me this before…

Myrtle: …And then I saw a pair of horrible, eyes!
Harry: Madam Hooch is the heir of Slytherin?!

Myrtle: Well, Sirius can’t share my toilet… but he can have the one next to it if he likes!
Harry : Erm… … …

‘What are you staring through?’

The Boy Who Lived Meets The Girl Who Didn’t

Myrtle: I was just sitting in the U-Bend, thinking about death, when somebody thought it would be funny to throw all of the old caption entries at me!
Harry: But they would just go right through you, wouldn’t they?
Myrtle: Yes, well, there were a lot of rejected entries…

Myrtle: *sniff* And I thought you were the nice one…
Harry: Myrtle, it wasn’t me who poured the bleach down your toilet!

Harry: I’ve got to work on my beauty sleep!





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