CC #045: Week of August 24, 2003

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Ron: Do you think they can see us?!
Harry: Probably… I couldn’t find my Invisibility Cloak so I just picked up this blanket…
Ron: *gasp*

Ron: ‘What are mum and dad doing?!’

Ron: Eww…. no wonder nobody comes to this part of the Forest!
*Voldemort dancing in the middle of a circle*
Death Eaters: If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!
*Clap Clap*
Death Eaters: If you’re happy and you know it…

Ron: *screams*
Harry: Calm down, Ron, you don’t want to start hyperventilating again. But I agree, it is scary…
Ron: That’s my deepest, darkest desire?!
Harry: You know, Lockhart looks pretty good in a bikini…

Ron: Oh no! How’d the Dark Mark get on my forearm?!
Harry: Umm… Ron, you doodled that on yourself in History of Magic, remember?
Ron: Oh…
-Kelly H

Ron: Is that a spider on my hand?!
Harry: *in a bored manner* No, Ron, that’s just an ink smudge…
Ron: Is that a monster there ahead of us?!
Harry: *in a bored manner* No, Ron, that’s just Fang…
Ron: Is that Snape dancing naked in the rain?
Harry: *in a bored manner* Yes, Ron, like he does every other Tuesday…
-Keren K.

Harry: Hermione has really gone overboard with spew
Ron: I know! Now she’s walking around in elf clothing!
-Jessica W.

Ron: Harry? What are those people doing in the hallway?
Harry: Eric kicked them out of the Hufflepuff Common Room… they tried Ravenclaw but it just wasn’t the same…
Ron: Harry, you’re not supposed to mention Hufflepuff or Eric’ll take your speech bubble away!
-Kelly E.

Ron: ‘So this is where I put last week’s gum wad…’

Harry: Hey! It’s really cool underneath your bed! What’s that?
Ron: A magical dust bunny!

Ron and Harry stayed up real late on Christmas night hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Clause, but were disappointed that it was only Dudley in red pajamas.

Ron: Are those spiders doing the cha-cha?
Harry: Maybe it’s some sort of pre-feast ritual…

Ron: ‘Wow, Harry! Your cousin’s clothes really do make a nice tent!’

Ron: Oh hell….
Harry: Don’t you mean ‘bloody hell!’?
Ron: Well, I… I thought it might offend him…
Harry: Oh. Uh…hi Mr. Baron, sir…
-Hillary G.

Ron: Look! Here comes Mrs. Norris!
*Ron and Harry share an evil grin*
Harry: *Whispers* one…two…three…
-Jack and Brendan

Ron: What’re we doing sneaking around, Harry?
Harry: Shh…We’re trying to find Eric’s computer so we can get back all of the speech bubbles! No more fans putting words in our mouths!

Ron: Hey, Harry… is that the elf from E.L. Fudge cookies?!
Harry: No, Ron, that’s the Minister of Magic Fudge. You always get those two mixed up!

Ron: Is that Snape at the end of the corridor?
Harry: I think… and he’s holding a sign… ‘If anybody should happen to be in this hallway under an Invisibility Cloak, that would be 60 points from Gryffindor, POTTER!‘!

‘Harry, don’t you think building a fort is a bit… well you know… childish?

Ron: Hermione?!
Hermione: *spins around* who’s there?!
Ron: Um, nothing but us air!
Harry: Ron!

Ron: ‘You know, Harry, I think those glasses might work better if they had glass in them…’

Ron: ‘Now Harry, I completely understand that you had a sucky childhood… but we’re just a little too old to play Fort!

Ron: Oh no! Looks like it’s time for someone to coincidentally look over towards our corner directly at us!
Harry: Uh-oh! Minor key this time, Chris!

Ron: Harry? What is that thing?! It’s terrifying!
Harry: Uh, Ron, you’re just making a shadow monster with your hand…

Ron: Harry, what’s happening? The room is getting smaller!
Harry: No, it’s not, we’re somehow getting bigger!
Ron: This must be what Fred and George told me about, they called it ‘Puberty’.
Harry: Well I hope it ends soon or we won’t be able to fit in Hogwarts anymore!

Ron: Why do we have to use the Invisibility Cloak to get into the Hufflepuff Common Room?
Harry: Because Eric had Andrew put a dragon in front of the door…
Eric: Now select them, Andrew… good. Now click ‘Delete’.
Harry and Ron: NO!!!

Ron: So… this is what goes on in the girl’s dormitory.
Harry: Oh! They’re playing ‘Rate the Guy’!
Parvati: So, Hermione… how about… Ron?
Hermione: I hope he isn’t here to hear this, but…

Ron: Harry, do you really think Hagrid is going to Azkaban?!
Harry: Either that or a camp for over-grown circus clowns!

Ron: Harry, remind me once more exactly what we’re doing here?
Harry: What else would we be doing in Dumbledore’s Office while he’s away?
Ron: ?
Harry: Searching for his legendary life-size pinball machine!
-Eric [Staff]





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