CC #047: Week of September 7, 2003

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Ron: What? Harry?! What is written on that wall in blood?!
Harry: ‘Ron + Hermione = Luv 4-Eva’…
Hermione: That Tom Riddle! This time he’s gone too far!

Ron: ‘What is ‘Ohio’?’

Ron: Uh-oh, I smell trouble…
Hermione: No, Ron, that’s your feet…

Ron: ‘Apparently someone forgot to get dressed this morning…’

Hermione: Since when does Snape play the flute?
Ron: Ever since he found out that Professor Sprout enjoyed it…

Ron: Dragon!
Neville: No, it’s just Trevor… bad Engorgement Charm…

Ron: Umm… Hermione? I think we should stop playing Potions Book Frisbee now…
Hermione: Why?
Ron: You just hit Grawp…
Hermione: Wait a minute… isn’t he supposed to be in the fifth…
Grawp: HERMY!
Hermione: …Never mind, run!

Ron: How did he get the part of Harry? He doesn’t even have green eyes!
Hermione: Casting directors these days… probably color-blind. The Phelps twins are blond!

Both: ‘Elvis?!?!’

Hermione: *Looking in distaste*
Ron: Hey, that copycat! I started the belching up of slugs! Copycat!

Ron: Oh my… Harry?
Harry: What? I’m… Harriet?
Hermione: Do you think we should tell Professor Dumbledore that Snape’s using this whole Occlumency thing to his advantage?

Ron: What did they just say?!
Hermione: It was about you and me… but I don’t think you want to hear the rest…

Hermione: ‘Harry was right… his dancing does look like a chicken who can’t reach his back to scratch it…’

Harry: Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort…
Ron: Harry, what are you doing?!
Harry: I’m not going to stop saying his name until you get used to it! Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort…

Ron: Hermione! Did you see that?
Hermione: No, see what, Ron?
Ron: It’s a streaker!
Hermione: Are you sure?
Ron: Yeah… *horrified* and it’s Harry!

Hermione: Okay, that’s just wrong
Ron: Yeah… *snickers* it must be – you’re putting your book down!

Ron: Hermione, do you think we still have a chance of winning the Caption Contest even though it’s already Thursday?
Hermione: What do you mean ‘we’? I sent mine in on Monday!

Ron: *Thinking* I can’t believe I asked her out!
Hermione: *Thinking* I can’t believe he asked me out…

Ron: I don’t get it! Why do all of the girls like Harry and not me!
Hermione: Don’t worry, Ron… I’ll keep you company…
Ron: Ewww! Not you!

Ron: I didn’t know Hagrid cleansed the lake in a thong!
Hermione: I didn’t know he had a tattoo on his bum!
Harry: *In the background* Heehee… I did…
-Sarah H.

Hermione: I’m practicing for the ‘Ron just told a stupid joke’ scene…
Ron: Well I’m practicing for the ‘Hermione just invited me to the Hufflepuff Common Room’ scene!

Hermione: Have you ever seen such a sight?!
Ron: Not quite like that before, Hermione…
Hermione: By golly…
Ron: I really think Harry should really go get dressed now, or he’ll scare some of the first years!

Hermione: *Worried voice* I’m here, Professor Snape… you wanted to speak to me?
Snape: Ah, Miss Granger… I believe there is a… certain dream of Mr. Weasley’s (which I saw during an Occlumency lesson) that you should know about…
Ron: *GULP*
-Nica (special thanks to Briana)

Snape: *Dangling upside-down with his pants down* mffpff!
Hermione: Ron, I think we just figured out the secret of time travel…

Ron: Uh-oh…
Hermione: Oh no…
Snape: *In the background* Ready, Professors?! One, two, three, four!
*Music kicks in, the teachers dance across the courtyard*
Flitwick: Everybody’s do-ing a brand new dance, now!
McGonagall: Come on, baby! Do the Locomotion!
Albus: I know you’ll get to like it if you give it a chance, now!
Ron: ….
Snape: It’s easier than learning the ABC’s!
Hermione: …
Flitwick: Jump up! Jump back!
-Eric [Staff]





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