CC #089: Week of June 27, 2004

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Ron: It’s a bit chilly… perhaps you’d be warmer if I put my arm around –
Hermione: -Look, Ron! It’s Harry’s footprints storming away! He looks upset… let’s follow him!
Ron: Darn you, Harry, and your teenage angst! Darn you!

Hermione: So it was you who stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
Harry: *Under the Invisibility Cloak* …
Ron: ?

Hermione: Look, Ronald! Is Pansy Parkinson wearing the same shade of lipstick that we are?!
Ronald: *Stares at Pansy* The cheek!
Hermione: Yes, I know! The same blush as well!

Hermione: Look at those huge footprints, Ron!
Ron: *Queasy* Maybe it’s… Bigfoot!

‘Look, Ron! A snowflake shaped like Harry’s face!’

‘The fool looks at the finger which points to the snow, Ron…’

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[Above Caption] Hermione: How to keep a fool occupied – look down!
[Below Caption] Dumbledore: How to keep a fool occupied – look up!

Hermione: Look, Ron! Harry’s writing us a message in the snow!
Ron: *Reading* Kiss…already,…you…two…
Hermione: *Blushes*

Hermione: Ron, look at the footprints!
Ron: It must be him!
Hermione: Of course it is!
Ron: Hollow Man!
Hermione: …

One hat, two hat, red hat, blue hat!

Hermione: *Bursts into song* What’s this? What’s this?! There’s color everywhere! What’s this? There’s white things in the air! What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes! I must be dreaming! Wake up Hermione, this isn’t fair! What’s this?!

Hermione: Ron, do you see my finger?
Ron: Yeah…?
Hermione: Do you see the nail on my finger?
Ron: Yeah?
Hermione: Do you see the polish on my nail?
Ron: Yeah?!
Hermione: Well that has nothing to do with what I am about to tell you.
Ron: Ugh…

Hermione: Look, Ron! That girl in the front row is dressed up to look like you!
Ron: Freaky…

Hermione: See, Ron, when I poke Harry, he sounds like the Pillsbury Dough Boy! *Pokes Invisible Harry*
Invisible Harry: *Giggles*

Hermione: Ron, look!
Ron: What is it?!
Hermione: The door, on JKR’s site – it’s open! And there’s a book with Latin writing in it!
Ron: What’s it say?
Hermione: This… is a hoax… the title is… not really… Pillar of Storge… but Ron will… fall in love… with Hermione.
Ron: Who am I to mess with fate?!

Ron: So that’s how you do an Irish jig!
Hermione: Thanks, Seamus!

Hermione: Look!
Ron: What’s it say?!
Hermione: *Reading outloud* The Chamber Pots have been opened… Enemies of the smell, beware…, and it’s written in yellow!

Here, we see Hermione actually reaching out to touch the tension between herself and Ron.

Hermione: Look at me, I can multitask!
Ron: I really wouldn’t call pointing one way and looking in a completely different direction ‘multitasking’…
Hermione: Party pooper!

Hermione: Look, Hansel, it’s the trail of bread crumbs leading home!
Ron: Jolly good work, Hermione –
Dumbledore: -Cut!
Ron: What?!
Dumbledore: You said her real name!
Ron: Aw…
Dumbledore: We’re never going to get the Hogwarts version of Hansel and Gretel finished!
Hermione: I’m working with chimps…
-Molly G.

Hermione: Look, Ron!
Ron: Harry! That’s not funny! No more snow-spiders!

Ron: The floo powder went wrong! We’re in the wrong movie, Hermione!
Hermione: But ‘Hogsmeade Village’ sounds nothing like ‘Santa’s Workshop’!

Hermione: Look, the fashion police!
Ron: Run!

—Discretion Advised—
Hermione: Hey, Ron! Look at those two footprints that just appeared!
Ron: Yeah, they’re shaped like a big pair of –
~Cut to Interior of The Three Broomsticks~
Madam Rosmerta: Melons? Who here ordered melons?
-Amy and Sam

Wizarding World Public Service Announcement:
Hermione and Ron want YOU to join Dumbledore’s Army!


After the pink and purple bunnies started to appear, Ron and Hermione began to suspect that butterbeer wasn’t ‘non-alcoholic’ at all…

Hermione: Hey, look, it’s Harry!
Ron: What’s hairy?

Hermione: And right over there we can place the Chupah!
Ron: Hermione, don’t you think we may be moving a bit fast?

Aunt Hermione wants YOU to join S.P.E.W.!
And Uncle Ron wants HER to join HIM!


Hermione: Oh, look, Ron, it’s Madam Rosmerta.
Ron: Think unsexy thoughts… think unsexy thoughts…

Hermione Granger, she’s a hero. Gonna bring evil wizards down to zero! Earth, fire, wind, water, heart, GO MAGIC!
-Danielle E.

Hermione: Look, Ron! Over there!
Ron: Wicked – but, what is it?
Hermione: Honestly! Anyone could tell it’s a plot device!
Ron: A what?
Hermione: *Pointing wand at Ron, annoyed* Accio Clue!
-Rachael C.

Hermione: Hey, look! It’s Luna Lovegood and her flaming army of heliopaths!
Ron: *GASP*
-Kelley R.

Hermione: Hey, you! You there! I’ve got a question for you!
Ron: Hermione, you can’t just do this to people who happen to be passing by…
Hermione: No, Ron! I’m not waiting until the end of Book Six to find out… *To third party* Are you the Half Blood Prince?

Hermione: Oh no!
Ron: What?
Black Dog: *Stumbles into the clearing*
Ron: Snuffles! Do you think he’s injured?
Hermione: Let’s check! *Runs over to him* Oh, no…
Ron: *Sniffs* Urgh, he’s not injured, just –
Hermione: -Drunk…
Snuffles: *Burp, whimper, stumble, fall*
Ron: Not again…
-Eric (Staff)

Ron: Hermione, I’ve got something to tell you…
Hermione: *pauses* Really?
Ron: Yyeah… see uh… I think I’m in lo-
Hermione: Hey, look, there’s Dumbledore! *Points* So, what were you saying?
Ron: Eergh… nevermind…
Audience: Awwwwwwww……
-Eric (Staff)

Emma: Look, Rupert!
Rupert: Oh my…
Emma: What kind of music do you think Alfonso has Dan listening to?
Rupert: I don’t know
Dan: *Rolling on the ground playing an imaginary guitar*
Rupert: …But I want some…
-Eric (Staff)

–Continuation to Previous–
Dan: *Sits up* Hey guys!
Emma and Rupert: Hey…
Alfonso: Ready to shoot the crying scene now, Dan?
Dan: Sure, I think – wait… *throws himself down and thrives a bit more*
Emma: …
Dan: *Stands up* Okay, ready. *Looks to Rupert* What?
Ron: nn…
-Eric (Staff)





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