CC #091: Week of July 11, 2004

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Lupin: It is true, Harry… I could dance around the subject for hours, but it’s just too painful to hide. I loved her… I loved her!
Harry: How could you?! She was my mother – your best friend’s wife!
Lupin: What? Lily? No, no, not Lily… it was her dog! She had the greenest eyes a poodle ever had… Boy did she really care for me…

Harry: *Thinking* I wonder if Lupin knows that that’s what his hair looks like from behind?

Lupin: You look just like your father; except for your eyes… you have J.K. Rowling’s eyes…
Harry: …Right…

Lupin: How do they get deer to cross at the yellow sign, Harry?
Harry: I don’t know…
Lupin: Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
Harry: I don’t know?
Lupin: Is a fly without wings called a ‘walk’?
Harry: …I don’t know.
Lupin: Hmm. On what side does a chicken have the most feathers?
Harry: I dunno…
Lupin: The outside! What kind of animal do you not play cards with?
Harry: I don’t know!
Lupin: A cheetah!

Lupin: You look just like your father, Harry, but you have your mother’s eyes.
Alfonso: Cut!
David: What? Why?! We had that scene nailed!
Alfonso: Not you, guys, the cheese!
-Heba S.

Lupin: *Looks at Harry approvingly* ‘I see you’ve read the latest issue of Witch Weekly, Harry. Black is the new black.’

Lupin: Your mother could see the inner beauty in people when even they themselves could not.
Harry: …But could she see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?!

But Harry was mesmerized by the small, furry, unidentified animal exhaustedly napping on Lupin’s upper lip, and consequently missed everything the professor said.

Lupin: ‘I wish they didn’t make these walls so bloomin’ high up – it’s hurting my arms trying to see over the top…’

Harry: See, there’s this girl that I really like. Her name’s Cho Chang and, well, since I can’t ask my dad, I thought I’d get some advice from you?
Lupin: *Sighs* Trust me, Harry, when I tell you I’m not the kind of guy to take ladies out on moonlit dinners…

Lupin: Look around you, Harry. Everything the light touches…
Harry: *Looks around*
Lupin: Does not belong to us…

Harry: Professor, what are you doing? Is there something I can do to…
Lupin: Shh, Harry! I’m pining for the fjords – and I can’t help it if you’re too young to understand the reference!

Harry: Professor?
Lupin: Please, Harry, call me Adolf…

Lupin: Harry, that’s the title of Book Six!
Harry: Harry Potter and the Half Blood… Prints?
Lupin: Sounds like it’s gonna take place in my fax machine…

Lupin: ‘Veni, Vidi, Velcro‘ – I came, I saw, I stuck around…
Harry: …
-Libby J.

Lupin: …And this is just like the time we all…
Harry: Professor Lupin, as much as I love hearing these stories, I’m freezing out here!
Lupin: Ah, well. Let’s just head back to my office and swap tales then, eh?
Harry: But I don’t have a tail?
Lupin: …

Lupin: ‘Now, see, if you would have told me you were going to wear black, I would have picked something else! *Exasperated sigh* Now I have to go change…’

Lupin: Beautiful, isn’t it, Harry? The line of words that move above us…
Harry: …

Harry: *In a worried voice* Professor Lupin, your hair is getting thin!
Lupin: SO? Who wants fat hair?!

Harry: Professor, I think I’m going mad.
Lupin: How so, Harry?
Harry: I keep seeing spots before my eyes.
Lupin: Have you seen the nurse?
Harry: No, just spots…

Both: *Staring at Hermione and Ron arguing in the distance*
Ron: …Are you trying to make a monkey out of me?!
Hermione: Why should I take the credit?

Harry: Professor? What’s that in the sky? A bird, a plane, a refugee from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Lupin: Blast, it’s the pesky dragon that made me partially immortal back when I was a sullen young prince in that movie with Dennis Quaid. I knew I should have gotten rid of him in 1996!

Harry: Look, another kamikaze bluebird!

Lupin: …So every full moon, I –
Harry: -Can you hurry up? I’m missing my soap opera!
-Stephen P.

Lupin: ‘Now – spitting gum long distances is an art, Harry…. Make your father proud.’

Harry: Professor, I have this strange feeling that, as we speak, Lego toys are being made to replicate this moment…
Lupin: Ha, yeah, like that could ever happen!

Harry: Professor Lupin?
Lupin: Yes, Harry?
Harry: I was wondering… why didn’t you let me face the boggart?
Lupin: I’d’ve thought that would have been obvious, Harry…
Harry: …?
Lupin: Because that was the record-setting 50th occurrence in the book series where you have the distinct and utter chance to feel completely short-ended causing the angst that the readers and the audience respond to so excellently!
Harry: …
-Eric (Staff)

—Take 2—
Harry: Professor Lupin?
Lupin: Yes, Harry?
Harry: I was wondering… why didn’t you let me face the boggart?
Lupin: You’re weak.
Harry: …
Lupin: …
Harry: … *cries*
-Eric (Staff)

Bluebird: Chirp! Chirp! *Flies around joyfully*
Lupin and Harry: *Watch intently*
Bluebird: Chirp! Chirp! *Darts across the clouds*
Willow: *CRUNCH*
Lupin and Harry: *Hold up signs ‘10‘, ‘10.5‘*
-Eric (Staff)





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