CC #094: Week of August 1, 2004

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Harry: Whoooooaaaa!
Buckbeak: Stop that – I’m not Titanic!

Harry: Hey, Buckbeak, how many captions do you think were submitted?
Buckbeak: 2,022?
Harry: …

Alfonso: Cut, cut, cut! Oh, my dear boy! Your name is Daniel Radcliffe, not Leonardo DiCaprio. And we are filming ‘Harry Potter’, not ‘Titanic’!

Harry: I’m king of the world!
Cuaron: Um, that’s taken…
Harry: I’m the Half-Blood Prince!
JK: Uh, no you’re not…
Harry: Well, heck, there’s nothing left…
Ron: No, there are princesses and –
Harry: -Don’t even go there, Ron…

Harry: *Singing* My heart will go on!
Buckbeack: …Help me…

Harry: Iceburg – Dead ahead!
Buckbeak: I’ll never let go, Harry, I’ll never let go…

Harry: Hmm… let’s see… if I sit here like this, and hold my arms like that, and hold still for a Caption Contest picture, I wonder how many people will send in a ‘king of the world’ caption… let’s see, now…

Harry: Buckbeak! Little old lady at 12 o’clock!
Professor Flitwick: What the –

When Movies Collide: Harry Potter and the Heart of the Ocean.

Harry: Whoo-hoo-hoo! I’m the Half-Blood Prince!
JK Rowling: Sorry, you’re not.
Harry: Um, then can I be king of the world?
JK Rowling: Don’t push it.

Ben watches hopelessly as hundreds of ‘I’m king of the world’ captions flood the inbox.
Ben: ‘I’ll never take over for Eric again!’

The overview of this week’s caption entries:
‘I believe I can fly’ jokes: 45%
‘I’m king of the world’ jokes: 45%
‘Harry is half hippogriff’ jokes: 9%
Unamusing list jokes: 1%


Giant Squid: ‘I’ll never let you go! And I have more hands than Rose!’

Announcer: ‘The low-carb lifestyle: It won’t weigh you down.’

Harry: What the? Purple mountains… spacious skies… amber waves of grain… you moron, Buckbeak, you crossed the Atlantic again!

Harry: ‘So this is what it feels like to ride a plot point…’

Flying over the set of Angels in the Outfield
Harry: ‘I didn’t know the Time Turner went this far back…’ *does wing motions*

The Boy Who Lived – No More!
Harry: *Jumps off Buckbeak*

Talking Buckbeak: It’s a bird!
Talking Water: It’s a plane!
Talking Harry: Wow – they still haven’t deflated Aunt Marge?!

Announcer: ‘And now – Air Beaky is now offering student discounts for all those Hogwarts students who have thwarted You-Know-Who!’

‘I’m king of the – wait, I don’t want to die in this movie and that water looks pretty cold…’

Harry: Wow, we’re so close to the water, it’s a good thing Buckbeak is a good hippogriff.
Buckbeak: That’s what he thinks…

Harry: I’m king of the world – woohoo!
Buckbeak: I can see the Statue of Liberty from here! It’s very small, of course…





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