CC #096: Week of August 22, 2004

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‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of us all?’

Fred: Hey, Neville, do you know what your hair looks like from the back?
Neville: *Shakes head* Why does everyone keep saying that?
George: Hermione’s fault… she started it.
Ron: She stole my best line, too! So now, I’m going for a new angle!
Fred, George, and Neville: Really? What’s that?!
Ron: *Ahem*… Harry, do you know what your hair looks like from the top?

The result of a group of wizards discovering the camera booth at a mall.

Mrs. Weasley: ‘Oh gosh darn, it’s getting more difficult year after year to fit everyone in the annual family portraits!’

Boy: Whoa, so this is the fourth Unforgivable Curse?
Ron: Yeah! No wonder Professor Moody never told us about it…
Boy: He’s waking up! Somebody get Harry a mirror!
Madam Pomfrey: What are you lot doing in here? Get out! Get out!

Neville: What are we all doing squishing up like this?
Fred: We’re trying to see how many of us can get into a Caption Contest picture… How do you think my hair looks?
Ron: My mum was right… those two are nuts…

Neville: *Thinking* Why is everyone looking over there? The ceiling is much more interesting…

Here you see the cast participating in the ‘Look Up Our Noses for Charity Event, 2004′.

*Star Wars Style*
Ginger Wars: The Weasleys Strike Back

Neville: ‘Maybe we should have told him it was just paint…’

Ron: I see a little silhouette of a man…
Fred and George: Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the fandango?
All: Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening! Mi –
Ron: Galileo.
Neville: Galileo.
Ron: Galileo Figaro.
Harry: I’m just a poor boy…

Neville’s Left Side of Brain: All I see is red hair!
Neville’s Right Side of Brain: Shh, better not say anything!

Neville: Whoa, Snape’s unconscious…
Ron: And, look, I told you! *Lifts up his robe*
Fred: Bloody hell!
George: Whoa!
Ron: I told you they put the Dark Mark in two places!

Fred: C’mon, lads! Only three more in the cubicle and we’ve got a new Hogwarts record!

An INTENSE game of ‘Operation’…

‘I wonder how many faces can fit in a small 287×221 pixel picture…’

The students stared in disbelief as Snape came out of the closet.

The synchronized staring of Gryffindor

Ron: Hey, umm, Harry? If you’re dead… can I have your Firebolt?

Ron: I think we’re ready for Woodstock!
George: Yeah, although we still don’t have that Beetles vibe…





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