CC #099: Week of September 12, 2004

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Lupin: Aaah! Mr. Weasley, you’re supposed to put roller-skates on the boggart, not me!
Ron: Sorry, Professor, couldn’t help myself!

Dan and Emma got known as the two stars of this movie and all I got was this lousy fan club.

‘Really? I made the cheering squad! Are you serious?!’

Ron: What?! My mother is having a tea party with Snape… at my house… with my tea set!
Class: *Laughs*
Ron: Man… I told her not to go into my room and use my things…

Ron: *Starts doing karate moves*
People in Back: What’s he doing?
Boy in Front: He’s defending his new McDonald’s Chicken Strips!

Gee, you never can tell how many students there are in Gryffindor…
-Saria L.

‘You mean I’ve been queuing this long and they ran out of toilet paper?!’
-Sophia and Cate

Lupin: Okay, who wants to tackle a monstrously huge spider?
Class: *Steps back*
Lupin: Good, Ron, good!

Lupin: Okay, Ron, remember. If you don’t do the spell correctly, it’ll make you kiss Hermione.
Ron: You mean me? Kiss her?
Hermione: Good one, Professor! Now he knows I’m a girl and they’ll be able to cut that out of the fourth movie as well!

Ron: Umm, Professor Lupin? Do you really think I’m scared of pink bunnies?
The Class: *Laughs*
Professor Lupin: *Cowering in corner* Help! Pink bunnies!

‘Please, Sir… can I have some more?’

Ron: You think that will scare me?
Boggart: *Morphs*
Ron: Mummy! Help! Big… spider!

Ron: And you want me to defeat… that thing?!
Lupin: Well, admit it – my singing fish is way better than your dancing horsey!

Ron: Hermione?!
Hermione: What’s happenin’, stud?

Seamus: We’re following the leader!
Neville: The leader!
Hermione: The leader!
Harry: We’re following the leader!
Entire Class: Wherever he may go!
Ron: *Thinking* Why do I get the feeling someone is following me?

All the students laughed when Ron came face to face with his boggart – J.K. Rowling…

Ron hoped it was all a dream, just a silly old dream, because he wasn’t wearing any pants and Professor Snape in front of him was deducting 500 points from Gryffindor

Lupin: No, Ron, this isn’t a Boggart. This is a Lo-gart, and it shows your greatest love.
Logart Hermione: Hi, Ron…

Ron: Okay – so I have to take Hermione to the Enchantment under the Sea Dance?
Marty: Wait, you’re not George McFly!

Boggart: *Changes into Mrs. Weasley* I told you to clean your room, Ronald! Don’t you give me that tone! *Screaming*
Ron: Riddikulus!
Boggart: *Turns into Hermione* I told you to do your homework, Ronald! Don’t tell me you didn’t finish it!
Ron: Aaah! *Runs away*

Announcer: In this corner, we have Ronald Bilius Weasley!
Class: *Cheers*
Announcer: And in this corner, Big Hairy Giant Deadly Spider!
Ron: *Gulps*

Even victim Seamus Finnigan had to laugh at the Weasley Twins’ latest gag wand, the Amazing Backwards Super Atomic Wedgie Projector.

The boys loved the new unit in Divination class: Strip Tarot readings!

Red Light / Green Light Preliminaries:
Ron: ‘Red light! Green light! Red light! *Whips around* Haha! Got you, Seamus!
-Olivia M.

Ron: Okay, who put the ‘Jinx Me’ sign on my back?!
Harry & Seamus: *Snigger*

Lupin: ‘Now, Neville, I said ‘’your grandmother’s clothes”, not her underpants!’

Ron needed extra support from his friends, and enlisted the help of the entire Gryffindor house to ask Hermione:
Ron: ‘Wannagoballwimme?’

Ron: I don’t like spiders…
Seamus: Hey, just pretend it’s a weird thing with eight legs!

‘Harry, come quick, we’ve got the Spice Channel to work!’

Ron: Hey, is this enough people to break the ‘most people in a caption contest picture’ record? Is it a better attempt than three weeks ago? I figured if we put the camera back a little further…

Ron: I wonder how many captions will be sent in about the back of my head…

After being kicked for the twelfth time that morning, Ron begins to suspect that the pat on the back Harry gave him had an ulterior motive…

The DADA class was surprised to find that Ron’s worst fear was having his pet rat turn out to be a murderous traitor. They found this far-fetched boggart quite hilarious, little did they know, this was foreshadowing at its greatest.

Seamus: Come on, Ron! Stop smiling and get to the back of the line so I can go!
Lupin: Yeah, ‘cause when the swing music stops, I’m gonna reveal a major plot point!

Lupin: The incantation is Riddikulus, Ron, not Liquorish!
Ron: *Sheepish grin* Yeah… sorry ‘bout that…

Ron’s greatest fear played before his eyes: SPEW, a success!

Ron: No, really, Professor! My homework was eaten by a… a raving werewolf. Hey – wait a minute – it kinda looked like…
Class: *Hee hee hee*
Lupin: *Clears throat* Now, Ron, you know I don’t like excuses…

Everybody: *Laughing*
Harry: Ron, don’t tell me that the thing you are seriously most afraid of in the world is –
Ron: -Yes! Professor Lupin’s moustache!
-Ann J.

Ron: ‘…Bother?’





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