CC #100: Week of September 19, 2004

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Headline: Major Plot Point Escapes from Azkaban Prison.

I’m serious! My middle name is not Lee!

Ron: ‘Look, Harry, I think he’s trying to flip us the bird!’

‘In your face, screaming book of doom! Look who got your job!’

Wizard For Sale: Slightly used, a little dirty. 10 Galleons – best offer. Flea collar not included.

Sirius: ‘Aah! Do you know how painful bowtruckles in your pockets can be?!’

Headline: How to Get Teeth Whiter than the Paper!
-Sar Sar


Full Story, Pg. 2
Rambling Commentary, Pg. 4
EXCLUSIVE interview, Pg. 8


‘What?! Was I supposed to lather, rinse, and then repeat?!’

‘And I want you to buy this product now, or I’ll hunt you down and kill you!’

(After seeing so many faces, Sirius had to scream…)

Prophet Reader: He really is a ragged fellow, isn’t he?
Sirius’ Photo: *Makes rude sign*

Unfortunately, Gary Oldman was unable to accept a cameo role in Gothika… or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest… or Girl, Interrupted…

Sirius: Help me!
Hermione: Oh no! It’s worse than I thought!
Sirius: Yes! Now please help me out of this wretched piece of paper!
Hermione: Now remember, Sirius, goosfrabaa….
Sirius: Goosfrabaa – now get me out!

-Jen C.

‘Help! They’re after me Lucky Charms!’

Sirius: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH… *takes deep breath* …AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
-Brittany H.

I deserve to be on a Chocolate Frog Card!’

It’s 10 O’clock. Do you know where your hairstylist is?

Sirius: What? I’m in the paper? No! I’d rather be in Azkaban!
Dementors: THAT can be arranged!

Yes! I finally got the Malibu Barbie Vacation House!

Sirius: *Looking at newspaper around him* ‘A3kaban? Stupid editors…’

Alfonso: *Clicking with cameras* That’s it, Gary, be a tiger! Be a tiger!

This Week in the Daily Prophet: Stubby Boardman gives it all up to join the Muggle rock band Metallica.

Mrs. Black: ‘I told him his face would stick like that!’

(continuation to Sara’s caption last week)

Mortisha Addams: ‘Oh, look, Gomez! Thing’s taken a liking to the nice crazy man!’

Sirius: ‘Professor’s Lupin’s mustache is NOT stupid!’

Gary Oldman: I knew I should have listened to my agent when he told me to read the fine print. I never thought I’d actually be the fine print!

The Quibbler reports: Sirius Black, the first man to give birth ever. It’s a girl!!

Class pictures at their worst…

Upon hearing ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ for the 857th time, Sirius Black went a bit over the edge…

Sirius: ‘Is there some reason why I’m screaming in EVERY, SINGLE picture? It’s not the kind of publicity I would like to have. What am I – a Mandrake? Speaking of looking like a Mandrake, have you seen Eloise Midgen lately?’

Sid & Nancy 2: Just Sid





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