CC #101: Week of September 26, 2004

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Rider: Don’t head into the light!
Horse: Couldn’t you have said something five-hundred years ago?! ‘Brains of the pair’…

Harry: I didn’t know Hogwarts ghosts could get drunk…
Ghost: Whoo! *to Ron* You’re a pretty little girly…
Harry & Hermione: *Stifling giggles* We told you your hair was too long…
Ron: *Turning red*
-Gill M.

Ghost: Maybe if I reach high enough, I’ll be able to reach those moving words…

J.K. Rowling: ‘No, no, No! It’s the Green Flame Torch, not the Orange Flame Torch! And the title of Book Seven isn’t even about ANY Flame Torch!’

Horse: I feel like Paris Hilton’s dog… with all these clothes on… sheesh.

The Quest for the Spice Channel

Fraternity Initiation – Ghost Style

‘And this week on ESPN… Ghost Basketball! Yes – the Translucent Tigers are up the court – heading for the fire basket…. Slam Dunk!’

‘Look what the Atkins Diet did to me! I lost so much weight, I’m transparent!

‘Well, weren’t you wondering where King Arthur went?!’

The students were not impressed by the rendition of ‘The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere’ that Dumbledore had arranged for them.

From Warner Brothers Studios and the Producers of ‘Space Jam’ comes the hippest, hoppest Looney Tunes b-ball adventure ever — ‘Ghost Jam’!

Ghost: Who dares me to ride through this wall?!
7th Year: *To excited 1st year* He asks that same thing every night. It’s really beginning to grate now.

Filch: *Grumbling* ‘I don’t remember ANYTHING in my job description about cleaning up ghostly horse manure!’

The lighting ceremony for the Ghost Olympics
-Carrie Z.

Horse: ‘For THIS I gave up the lead in ”Son of Mr. Ed”?!’


And so, the question on everyone’s lips: Has somethign wicked this way come? ‘Coz that dude with a sheet over his head ain’t looking wicked!

‘C’mon, horsey, do the disco!’

Hogwarts. What happens here… stays here.

The World’s Fastest Police Chases: On Horses Part II

‘Look – it’s Seathroughbiscuit!’

‘Watch out! Magical special effect made to waste time coming through!’

Scene from the controversial film ‘Bowling for Hogwarts’.
-Molly M.

Alfonso Cuaron: ‘GENIUS! I’ll put a three second scene with the Headless Hunt, and never explain it! I’m brilliant!’
-Julie K.

‘Wait! I have a caption to give you!’

Adelphia High Definition TV… you may not know what’s real anymore…





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