CC #110: Week of November 28, 2004

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Harry: So, uh, Ron… Are you and Hermione… going out?
Ron: …No comment.

Daniel: Err… Rupert? Aren’t you supposed to be the tall one? And aren’t I supposed to be the one who has the messy hair?!
Rupert: It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve stuffed up. What happened to Hermione’s bucked teeth?

Ron: Harry, why is it so dark in here?
Harry: Well, they did say the movies were going to get darker, darker, and darker…

Harry/Ron Shippers: Yay!
Everyone Else: This is getting really old…

Harry: ‘Maybe if we stay still and stand in the shadows, the fan fiction writers won’t see us…’

Due to fund cuts, the PoA team had to borrow the stairs from Labyrinth.
-Julez B.

‘So, Harry, do you think they’re intentionally keeping us in the dark about the HBP release date?’

Ron: *Shouting to Alfonso* ‘Yeah! This window scene is great! With the glare from Harry’s glasses, you can’t even tell that his eyes aren’t green!’

Ron: So, do you think the June release date is true?
Harry: It better be. She better pick up the pace real soon, or book seven is bound to be ‘Harry Potter and the Escape from The Nursing Home’…

Harry: Look, that’s Trelawney’s crystal ball. Lets give it back to her…
Ron: Hell no, I’m not going back up there!
Harry: Huh?
Ron: I might walk through fire and face both death and You-Know-Who for you, Harry… but going up a few stairs is just too much for me!

Harry and Ron express their desire to be just like Professor Snape by spending the day lurking around in the shadows.
-Leatah and May S.

Ron: Wow. The way Hermione stormed out of that classroom, she was so… strong… and beautiful… and…
Harry: …

Ron: Hey, Harry… is there a reason for why our faces look so dark?
Harry: Darn Management… ‘DVD-Quality Caption Pictures’, my broom!

Harry and Ron hoped the dramatic backlight would help them ‘get chicks’.

Little did Ron realize it, but Harry had been trying to blind him with the glare from his glasses for a little over an hour now…
-Brian S.

When JKR wrote in her books that ‘Harry lit up with enthusiasm’, she hadn’t meant for Alfonso to take her seriously.

‘So this is foreshadowing!’

Harry and Ron practice a graceful descent for the first annual Mr. Hogwarts Competition.

Harry: What if I tell the one with the troll, the mermaid, and the wizard?
Ron: Face it, Harry. You’ve got the angst thing down, but you don’t possess half the wit necessary to win the Caption Contest…

*Coming down from the North Tower*
Ron: I can’t believe Trelawney made you do that for bonus!
Harry: Yeah, me neither. The Robot’s not as easy as it looks…

Ron: Harry? Is it just me or does your scar move around?
Harry: No, it’s been doing that ever since Alfonso started directing.
Ron: Really? Strange.

Ron stops to reflect as the full impact of Harry’s ‘the birds and the bees’ speech finally sets in. However, one question remained in his mind.
Ron: ‘Is Hermione the bee? Or… am I?’
-Ann M.

Ron: But, if your destiny is Twinkies, then…?
Harry: ‘Then…’?
Ron: Then where’s the cream filling?
-Eric (Staff)





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