CC #154: Week of October 9, 2005

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*Playing a game of hide and seek*
Hermione: …Ronald is taking a really long time to find us…
Harry: You don’t think he got dragged away by some large, black dog, do you?
Hermione: Don’t be silly, Harry.

Harry: Hermione, are you sure this is a good idea?
Hermione: Definitely! Setting lots of little small birds on him didn’t work, but this is sure to make him love me!
*Ron and Lavender pass by*
Hermione: Witherwings, attack!

Hermione: ‘Honestly, Harry, I don’t see that vicious, man-eating Hippogriff anywhere…’

Buckbeak: Hey, Harry. You thinking what I’m thinking? I see you staring at her.
Harry: Huh?
Buckbeak: That’s right. I’m one dirty bird.
Harry: …

Ron: *Off-screen* ‘…eight, nine, ten. Ready or not, here I come!’

Emma: Not only do I get to wear jeans in the third movie, I get a fur shawl!
Dan: Uh, Emma…
-Captain Oats

Buckbeak: *In a suave voice* Hey, baby, are those ferrets you have there?
Harry: Oh my gosh! Buckbeak is totally hitting on Hermione!

Sporting the latest in dead animal fashions.
-Anna K.

Harry: This forest is lovely!
Hermione: *Gives Harry a look*
Harry: Well, I wouldn’t build a summer home here but the trees are actually quite nice!
Hermione: But what about the BUS’s!
Harry: Birds of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist…

Daniel Radcliffe takes cover behind a tree as PETA members form a mob and charge at Emma Watson

Hermione: ‘Oh, great! Wearing a dead ferret collar, dragging around a hippogriff on a chain, and beating up on werewolves… guess we’re next on PETAs list!’

Hermione: I am Xena, Warrior Princess! Alex, hurry up!
Harry: *Thinks to himself* She’s in one of those ‘moods’ again…
-Mrs. Adams

One of Ron’s perks for being an Animagus Hippogriff
Hermione: *Petting ‘Buckbeak’* Who’s a good hippogriff? You are! Yes you are, my little Beaky! *Kisses him*
Ron: Boy, I should have done this sooner!

Buckbeak: *Thinking* All I have to do is distract the boy, and then I’ll have a nice tasty girl sandwich – with ferret on the side…

Harry and Buckbeak realized that Hermione’s obsession with Ron had gotten out of control when she started wearing weasel skinned coats.

Hermione: Harry do you think if I don’t say anything, no one will notice how completely out of canon my cloths are.
Harry: Don’t ask me, I’m still hiding from all the angry fans ranting about how my scar is on the wrong side!

Hermione: Did you see where Emerson went?
Harry: Just around that huge rock. Why?
Hermione: Because I’m out of paintballs. Do you have any that I can borrow?
-Michael M.

‘Keep looking, Harry, I KNOW Treebeard is around here somewhere…’

Buckbeak: Hermione dear, do you really expect me to eat that unsanitary, crude dead animal? Really, I would prefer some foie gras and caviar.

Ever since McDonald’s ran out of chicken nuggets, Harry and Hermione had to keep Buckbeak in hiding.

Harry: So let me get this straight. In this picture, it’s our third year, but in terms of movie release dates, it’s between third and fourth year, and in terms of book release dates, it’s between our sixth and seventh year, and in term of real dates we finished seventh year seven years ago?
Hermione: So what’s your point?
Harry: I’m trying to figure out whether this guy is named Buckbeak or Witherwings, whether he belongs to Hagrid or Sirius, and whether he is alive or dead.
Hermione: He was never dead!
Harry: But we saw the executioner’s axe come down!
Hermione: *Facepalm*

Harry: ‘Buckbeak, NO! Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s ferret!’
-Helen C.

Narrator: ‘Unfortunately, Hansel and Gretel’s trail of dead ferrets weren’t as effective as they thought…’

Harry: You know what, Hermione? I haven’t seen Crookshanks lately. D’you know where he is?
Hermione: No, but wasn’t nice of Ron to get me this beautiful fur scarf for my birthday?!
Harry: *Gulp*






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