CC #158: Week of November 6, 2005

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Ron/Hermione Shippers: Awww look! Won-won and Hermy had and egg! That’s sooo sweet!
Hermione: Actually, we’re learning parenting by taking care of a giant golden egg.
Ron/Hermione Shippers: Oh yeee-ah? Then what’s Harry doing here?!
Harry: I’m the uncle who’s learning how to make an omelet out of giant golden eggs from this here cookbook!

Harry: I wonder how many books there are in here…
Hermione: 4,500
Ron: *Scoffs* You know everything!

Golden Egg: Ron, cut your hair!
Ron: …Huh? What?!?
Harry: What what?
Ron: I swear this egg just told me to cut my hair!
Hermione: All that hair must be messing with your brains, but I have to agree in saying that it is getting too long.
Golden Egg: Finally, someone who agrees with me!

*Screaming* *utter chaos* *paparazzi* *news reporters* *helicopter spot light shines through window*
Veruca: That’s him, Daddy! He’s the one who stole my golden egg and I want it back NOW!
Harry, Ron & Hermione: …..

Hermione: *Gasps* Oh dear…
Harry: …Yeah…
Ron: *Just stares*
Madame Pince: Professor Dumbledore! You know very well that ‘Nekkid Time’ is not allowed in the library!
-Araxie E. Rosz

The Golden Trio, the Golden Egg and the Golden Light all fight for Voldemort’s demise!

‘Alright, Ron, you can toss the Snitch back up again now…’
-Ashley A.

As the secret keeper for the location of the giant gold Easter egg, Harry didn’t think an enraged Easter Bunny would come looking for him when he gave the secret away to his friends.

Harry: No….!
Ron: How does that….?
Hermione: It really DOES exist!
Easter Bunny: I will THANK you to give me my golden egg back, thank you very much! I was babysitting for the goose that laid it!

Mike Newell: CUT! Come on you guys, this is the 15th take! It’s getting late! Rupert, you have to look like you’re actually doing something. Dan, can you look any more scared? Emma, you’re doing fine, dear, keep it up. *turns away*
Emma: My God, you guys! You are like totally messing up my ‘One-Take Watson’ reputation!

Harry: What was that?
Hermione: I don’t know. We better hurry up in here before somebody finds us!
Ron: *Imagining* …And the Eggy Award goes to…Ronald Weasley for the best 60’s haircut since the 60s! ‘I’d like to thank me mum…’

‘Hermione, when your stack of books to check out is taller than you are, well that’s how you know you’ve got too many!’

In the new movie, Harry, Ron, and Hermione star as the ‘alternative’ couple to the egg that hatches Chicken Little.

Snape: *Bursts into the library* ‘300 points from Gryffindor! Granger, 100 points for not having frizzy hair and buck-teeth! Weasley, 100 points for stealing Bill Cosby’s sweater and laying a golden egg! And, Potter… …100 points because I hate you!’

Harry Potter and the Late Night Study Group

The room falls silent as Harry, Ron, and Hermione realize they have been discovered by the small, torch and pitchfork bearing sect of HP fanatics that call themselves ‘The Society of Harry Potter fans Against the Mugglization of the Hogwarts School Uniforms’…

Harry: Umm…Hermione…I thought you said electronic items do not work at Hogwarts..
Hermione: They don’t!
Harry: Well someone had better fire the props guy, because that lamp does not look magical!

Harry: What are all those Muggles doing here?
Andrew: *Off-screen* We decided that even the bigger Barnes & Noble was too small for the crowd we were expecting for the live podcast, so now we’re using the Hogwarts Library!

Harry, Ron, and Hermione watch as Fawkes flies off, having already deposited his egg into Ron’s unsuspecting arms.

Harry: Is that really…?
Ron: It can’t be.
Hermione: It is! The Official Tri-Wizard Tournament Cheat Guide!

— Extension of Allersonia’s caption this week! —
The benefits of shameless brown-nosing on MuggleCast
Harry: What are all those Muggles doing here?
Andrew: *Off-screen* We decided that even the bigger Barnes & Noble was too small for the crowd we were expecting for the live podcast, so now we’re using the Hogwarts Library!
Hermione: But – how did you… get past… all the repellent charms?!
Andrew: Oh, I’ve got a close friend or two, high up… *Looks to Michael Gambon who’s walking by*
Gambon: *Winks* <| 😉
Andrew: So feisty!
Ron: …
-Eric (Staff)





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