CC #159: Week of November 17, 2005

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Cedric: Excuse me, miss, are you a parking ticket?
Cho: What?
Cedric: Because you have ‘fine’ written all over you.
Cho: …

Cedric: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Cho: I think I am, Cedric!
Cedric: That guy’s too young to be bald with a beard.
Cho: …

Random Bulgarian: Hey, Cho, you haff a vater beetle in your hair!
Cedric: Back off, she’s my date!
Random Bulgarian: …Vell, it vorked for Krum…
-Jordan M.

Cho: *To herself* Head straight, shoulders back, Hands tucked, keep your eyes on the road, good posture, chin high, chest out and…. smile

Guy in red coat: *Death look at Cedric*
Cedric: Oh, sh-
Guy in red coat: My name is Yuri Stavinshtofin. You steal my date, prepare to die.

Girls in the Background: *Using wandless magic* Amplus manicatus!
Cho: Man! I hate it when girls cast the Sleeve Lengthening Charm on me…

Cho: *To Cedric* Don’t look, but there’s a Star Trek fan behind us…

Cedric: You look wonderful tonight, Cho.
Cho: Er, my eyes are up here, Cedric…

Cedric: The look – fantastic, beautiful, can’t tell you how amazing that dress would look on my …
Cho: My dad put an abstinence charm on me.
Cedric: Well then, er, nice dress…

Cedric: Hey…Cho?
Cho: Yes?!?
Cedric: That dress makes you look like you got wings!
Cho: Oh….like an angel?!?
Cedric: No… like a goose!

Cho: *Whispering* Who invited Mr. Clean?
-Jess and Audrey

Blonde Girl to the Left: Mmm, I like holding my hands together…
Black-haired Girl to the Left: Mmm, yes me too, quite warm.
-Max Kao

Cedric: Wow Cho! You look great – white’s really you’re color.
Cho: Well, white is the color of mourning in many Asian cultures – but I figured what the heck, that doesn’t mean anything, right?

‘I must say, Cho, I loved you in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.’

Cedric: ‘Hey, Cho, don’t you think that guy over there is one of those Buckingham palace guards? Let’s go poke him to see if he is…’
-Angela S.

Scenes from the new blockbuster movie, Boy Dracula.

Much to the horror of Harry Potter purists everywhere, the DVD of ‘Goblet of Fire’ will include an alternate ending in which Harry dies in the cemetery, while Cedric survives and marries Cho.

Harry Potter and the – oops. On the other hand, folks, Harry Potter is no longer the object of our attention. Please welcome Cho Chang and the Matching Background!
*Loud applause*





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