CC #166: Week of January 15, 2006

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Cho: What do you mean my stunt double gets to make out with Harry?! That’s the one stunt I want to do!!!!

Cho: I’m sorry Harry, but I can’t go to Hogsmade with you. I’m going to channel Cedric’s spirit into an old potion bottle and ask
him out on the date…
Harry: Excuses, excuses….

Cho: Oh Harry, I’m really sorry, but …
Harry: Don’t worry, Cho, it’s ok. I’m pretty sure that this scene isn’t in the movie anyway.

Cho: Wait, hold on. I thought Padma was in our house? Why’s she wearing a Gryffindor scarf?
Marietta Edgecombe: Ugh, what a traitor. Don’t you hate people like that?

Girls in background: ‘You know… ever since Harry asked her to the ball, her face just froze that way…’

Cho’s reaction when she learned that her name was mentioned less than ten times in the sixth book…

And Cho Chang was still pondering whether she’d take a bullet for JKR in order to ensure the release of Book 7…

MuggleNet Poll: Would you take a bullet for JKR in order to ensure the release of Book 7?
Cho: ‘Huh? No… I was hardly in Book 6!’
-Princess Sara

This week on ‘Breakups from Hell,’ we will FINALLY see Cho’s response to Harry’s proposal! Will it be ….
o- Let’s just be friends?
o- It’s not me it’s you? Or
o- Your scar is a total turnoff and your bizare fetish to save people constantly repells me from you?
Tune it to see!


—Inspired by Angel’s Caption last week—
Cho: Is that a green pillow in the trees?
Curly-Haired Girl:That’s the one from the Griffindor common room!

‘What do you mean I’m about to be attacked by a band of jealous fan girls?’

Harry: Come on Cho, just through here!
Cho: What are you talking about Harry?
Harry: I just figured we could be a Gryffindor Lion and a witch in a wardrobe!
Friends: Oh, yuck!!

Girl on right: What’s the matter, Cho?
Cho: I just can’t decide. WOULD I like to be a pepper, too?
-Cheshire Cat

1st Girl: What in the world does he mean by putting ‘Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Pepper, Too?’ in the caption scroller?!
2nd Girl: He can’t mean it literally, because he’d have to be a pepper to mean it literally, and a pepper doesn’t have frontal
lobes, and therefore can’t ask anything.
3rd Girl: Perhaps it’s a metaphor for something, like he’s asking us if we want to be really hot?
4th Girl: If that’s the case, he must be some kind of jerk, to imply that we’re not already hot, and asking us if we want to be…
Eric: *Mutters* Stupid over-analytical Ravenclaws…

‘No, Mr. Allen, I was not adopted by Mia Farrow. Please leave me alone.’
-Cecilia B.

Katie: I cannot believe they cast Paris Hilton as Luna Lovegood… there goes our PG-13 for OotP…. MA15+ here we come!

Cho: I didn’t mean to run away. Honest! I just had to see Cedric again. I have this strange feeling that it would be my last time
wtih him.
Mameha: *Off-screen* QUIET! You are geisha! A geisha is not allowed to love. And a geisha is definintely not allowed to do magic!

Ron: ‘If those girls wrap their scarves any tighter they’ll be Nearly Headless Ravenclaws…’

Cho Chang and the clique of political correctness
-Rachel F.

Director: *Going through list of required movie elements* ‘.. Ah here we are.. ”Scene showing the ethnic diversity of
Hogwarts”.. CHECK!’
-Jeff S.

Cho: ‘Listen. Just because your wand says, ‘Made in China’, doesn’t mean that I know how it works.’

Harry Potter and Affirmative Action





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