CC #167: Week of January 22, 2006

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Minerva: *Thinking* You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeeeeeeen….
Ron: *Thinking* At least it’s not spiders…. at least it’s not spiders…

Girls in Background: I wish I was McGonagall…
Ron: *Silently* I wish you were, too…
-J. Alexandra

Ron: ‘Isn’t this considered illegal in some countries?’

And suddenly, Ron realized that there are worse things in life than belching up slugs and facing an acromentula.

Ron: *Thinking* I never actually knew what ‘bloody hell’ was like until just now…
-Leslie N.

Ron: ‘Ugh. I can see the fanfiction now!’

When the casting director took a sick day, his assistants slacked off majorly on the ‘ethnic diversity’ rule; though to be fair, they did stick a cat in there.
-Carla S.

McGonagall: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine-
Ron: What?! Seven ate nine?!
McGonagall: *Facepalm*

Fred and George: *Humming softly off-screen* ‘Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson …’
Ron: *Thinking* I am going to kill them!

After seeing people’s faces, Ron had more than enough determination and deliberation to apparate to another universe, but the anti-apparation spell on Hogwarts allowed us to show you the Kodak moment seen here.

Mrs Norris: ‘I only have eyes for you, Mr. Turntable…’ *winks*

Filch: Tish! Our song!
Mrs Norris: For the last time, ARGUS, I have no first name, and you are NOT Gomez Addams!

Ron: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have got nothing on us!

Ron: Would I like to be a pepper? Yes, if it means I don’t have to dance with her…
McGonagall: If that is your attitude, Mr. Weasley, I will transfigure you now.
-F and C

Dame Maggie: You look uncomfortable. You know, you are in good company; I’ve held Sir Lawrence Olivier in these arms.
Rupert: Quit trying to make me jealous…

Ron: *Thinking* Now I know what Harry feels like… I’ll be scarred for life.
-Megan J.

Proffesor McGonagall: *relieved sigh* I feel 58 again…
Ron: …

Ron: ‘When did they hire Ben Jabituya to run the scroller?!’

Ron: *Thinking* I wonder if Professor Snape has to give this same tutorial to the Slytherins…
-Tige in Shining Armor

Mcgonagall: ‘You know, Mr. Weasley, your impression of a basset hound is really improving…’

* The dilophosaurus from ‘Jurassic Park’?
* Pozzo from ‘Waiting For Godot’?
* Salem from ‘Sabrina: The Teenage Witch’?
* The queue for Luna Lovegood tryouts?
* Inspiration for the latest string of shipper works?

‘… Certain as the sun… Rising in the east… Tale as old as time… Song as old as rhyme… Weasley and his ”Teach”…’
-Jeff S.

McGonagall: Well, Mr. Weasley?
Ronald: Do I have to?
McGonagall: Why yes, of course, your song is playing!
Stray cat strut I’m-a (ladies cat)
Feline casanova hey man that’s that
Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean ole man
Get my dinner from a garbage can…

-Eric (Staff)

Ron: *Quietly to McGonagall* He’ll do it… he really will. Any moment, now, Filch will join that line of potential Romilda Vanes…
McGonagall: *Also looking in mirror* I can’t say it’s no surprise; I knew that Albus letting him buy the Goldilocks Wig from ‘Haut Monde Hairs’ was a step in the wrong direction!
-Eric (Staff)





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