CC #168: Week of January 29, 2006

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Ron: Um, is it the letter ‘F’?
Neville: No…
Harry: A coat hanger?
Neville: No.
Seamus: Wait, is it the Statue of Liberty?
Neville: No, no, no! I’m a Mimbulus mimbletonia with one of it’s arms slightly damaged! Isn’t it OBVIOUS?!
-Veronica M.

Until Colin Creevey snapped this shocking photo, it was generally unknown to the public that Neville did ‘The Robot’ in his sleep at 11:30PM every night like clockwork.

Neville: *Humming to himself* At the Copa, copa cabana…

Neville: ‘Oh, to have been Ron today in dance lessons…!’

Here, Neville Longbottom demonstrates his ability to be both a lover AND a fighter simultaneously.

Harry: ‘Hermione, it was pretty mean of you to petrify Neville like that…’

Neville: ‘Hey, Harry – Check out my Robot!’

Neville: *Singing* Strangers in the night….
Trevor: *Inside bag on bed* And everyone wonders why I’m always getting lost….

Neville: Thanks for giving me dancing lessons, Harry.
Harry: Thank goodness for Invisibility Cloaks!

If only Gran could see me now! Wait… no, I dont want her to see me in my pajamas. Gah! Why am I thinking of my Gran now anyway – boy, do I have issues!

For keeping the movie rated PG-13, the girl with Neville has been digitally removed.

Neville had a blow-up doll to dance with, but then someone called the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office. Thus, he was left alone.

Neville’s ambition to become an air-traffic-controller had become so strong that he was even practicing in his sleep.

Harry: *Off-screen, sighs* ‘Is Neville having that dream where he’s Vanna White again?

The Gryfindor common room clock mysteriously vanished, so Neville volunteered and took its place every now and then…. It was now quarter past 5.

Voiceover: ‘And now, our steward will show you the location of your nearest exits…’

Neville: ‘In the unlikely event of a Death Eater attack, the emergency exits are located here, here and here….’

…And poor Neville Longbottom became the first to be involved in a person/nothing ship….

Neville: *Singing like Billy Idol* ‘On the floors of Tokyo or down in London Town to go, with the record selection and the mirrors reflection I’ll be DANCING WITH MY SELF. OH OH OH OH!!!’

Neville: ‘…Excuse me while I embrace my inner nerd….’

Harry: ‘All right, who put Neville under the Twinkle Toes Curse again?!’

Anger Management for the Quiet Ones.
Record Player: ‘Now, slowly imagine wrapping the fingers of your left hand around the neck of your enemy while your right hand goes to punch the chest…’

Once upon a time there were 2 princes and a princess;
The princess was in distress.
She was under a curse so that one prince would save her,
And the other would grave her,
So prince Harry climbed to the highest room in the tallest tower,
During the powerful midnight hour.
Unfortunately there his bubble would burst,
To find a dusty room and that Neville got there first.


You Know Your Dancing is Awful When:
*~ The room has coveniently, and coincidentally, cleared
*~ Even a tuba won’t face you
*~ Your arm is stuck in it’s upright position
*~ The only clothing you have left that isn’t torn is pajamas
*~ Even
you have to close your eyes to avoiding looking at it.





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