CC #169: Week of February 5, 2006

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Harry: ‘C’mon guys! I’m feeling alone here! Where’s your spirit?! Come on! The chicken dance! Isn’t anybody going to join me? Now I’ll feel just awkward…’
-Valentine Kitty

Girl in Ponytail: ‘I payed 3 million pounds for this role, and you can’t even see my face! Freakin eBay!

Muggle-born Boy in Back: ‘Look who thinks he’s Patrick Swayze…’

Dumbledore: Harry, you know that we can see you?
Harry: Darn! I knew I should’ve extended the warranty on the Invisibility Cloak!

Caught passing notes, Harry had to stand up and read it to the entire school.
-Brian S.

No one quite knew how to tell Dumbledore that he seemed to be the target of a flying red dot…

In celebration of the recently released video of the LeakyMug podcast in New York City, we have an exclusive clip for you.
Micah Tannenbaum: Welcome to the first Live LeakyMug Podcast! Here to introduce our hosts is none other than Mr. Harry Potter!
*Harry is pushed out into the crowded Barnes and Nobles*
Harry: Wha…? Pod…what?

‘Hesitation. Determination. Deliberation. Wait… no…’
-Roonil Wazlib

Q: Why did Harry Potter cross the Great Hall?
A: ‘Cause it’s good hex-ercise.

Daily Prophet Breaking News – Last week, due to severe overcrowding at Hogwarts, the staff began testing ‘Musical Chairs’, an innovative and peaceful method of identifying and removing students who are not cut out for life in the wizarding world.
Dumbledore announced today that the new procedure may need to be reworked a ‘just a smidge’ before it is ready for world-wide implementation.


Harry didn’t know how it happened, and he didn’t know why it happened. He just knew that Moody had been right to tell him not to put his wand in his back pocket.

Harry: Ron, I said my Invisibility Cloak! And something’s telling me I’m not invisible.
Ron: That is invisible… look, you can see right through it!
Hermione: *Facepalm*





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