CC #173: Week of March 5, 2006

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Harry: *Singing* I can show you… *stops* well, not a lot… this one only goes to 500 feet.
Cho: …
-Shelby the Pirate

Cho: Harry, how many times do I have to tell you that Aladdin is NOT a Chinese love story?!?!
-Christine H.

Background Song: ‘You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!’
Harry: No! No! No! That’s NOT the right background song!
Backround Song: ‘Somewhere over the rainbow -‘
Cho: That isn’t it either!
Backround Song: ‘I’m gonna fly like an eagle!’
Harry & Cho: *Sigh and give up* …

Harry: I can show you the world…
Cho: Oh yeah? I heard you showed Moaning Myrtle alot more than you have ever showed me.
Harry: DARN that bathroom scene!!!

Harry: I can show you the world!
Cho: Harry… could you show me… erm, you know…
Harry: *Excited* Yes?!
Cho: *Eyes swell with tears* show me Cedric’s grave?
Harry: … *Pushes Cho off the carpet.*

‘I thought magic carpets were outlawed a while ago…oh well, it’s not as if the Ministry doesn’t consider me a law-breaking delinquent already. Let’s go, Cho!’

Cho: Slow down, Harry!
Harry: I Can’t! ‘The Sopranos’ starts in 5 minutes!

In a special episode of ‘The Magic Schoolbus’, Harry and Cho join Miss Frizzle and the gang for an adventure inside the human lung.
Miss Frizzle: *off-screen* ‘And these cloud-like things are called alveoli! *Pauses* ….uh, erm…Harry, if you’re going to transfigure yourself and Miss Chang into popular Disney characters, you’ll have to be fair and transfigure the whole class. Oh look! Here come the bronchioles!’

Harry: *Sings* ‘I can show you the Snitch! Shining, shimmering splendid…’

Cho: Wow, Harry, it was really nice of you to give me a ride…
Harry: *Thinking* If she only knew I was the one who hid her broom…

Disney remakes the ‘Harry Potter’ series in thirty years.

Cho: Performing Aladdin was a wonderful idea! But how did you ever convince Professor Snape to play Jafar?!
Harry: I told him he could actually hex a student. Besides, it was either that or have him play the genie!

Three Days Later…
Cho: ‘Yeah, Marietta, I really think all the stress is starting to get to him. For our date last week, not only did he steal Aladdin’s carpet, but he also insisted on finding the real Squishy…’

Harry: ‘In case of emergency, my turban doubles as an airbag AND a floatation device!’
-Jaded Kitana

Harry: *Singing* ‘I can show you the wand…’

Harry: ‘They were right! I am a metamorphmagus! Watch as my hair miraculously changes colour!’

Hermione: *Back at Hogwarts* Wow, Ginny, aren’t you jealous that Harry’s taking Cho on a flying carpet ride?
Ginny: Not really. Yesterday, he took me on a flying hippogriff ride. A mythical creature beats the thing you wipe your feet on any day!

Cho: Harry, are you POSITIVE you don’t want to stop for directions?
Harry: No! I swear I know that Whole New World is around here somewhere! Grr….

Oliver Wood: *Shouting from Quidditch field* This is no time to be a gentleman, Harry! Knock her off the carpet!

Insurance isn’t really hard,
Sheilla’s Rugs are superstars,
Wizards make the safest drivers
They could save a bunch of fivers,
For bonza magic carpet deals,
Sheilla’s Rugs have great appeal!


Cho: Harry, isn’t this illegal?
Harry: What?
Cho: You know… enchanting this carpet so it can fly.
Harry: Don’t worry, I’m in good with the head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office… *Grins*
Cho: …





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