CC #177: Week of March 26, 2006

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Harry: I wish I had a wand.
Neville: I wish I had a plant.
Ron: I wish I didn’t have stupid ears.
Hermione: I wish I had a book instead of this freakin’ basket…

Ron/Lion: ‘THIS is what happens when you listen to my brothers when they say, ”Here, eat this!”…’
-The Hobbit

Why we’re glad Jo grew up in the UK…

The Cowardly Lion: Maybe if I had some courage, when I asked Fleur out she would have said yes…
Dorothy: Doubtful, But there’s no place like library, there’s no place like library, there’s no place like library.
The Tinman: Now I know why Cho likes someone else; I just have no heart!
Scarecrow: If I only had a brain, maybe I could remember the password to get into the common room…

Voice: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
Ron: …
Neville: …
Hermione: …
Harry: …Sirius?!

JK Rowling finally realeases the title of the highly anticipated 7th book… ‘Harry Potter and the Lollipop Guild’.
-Kristen with a ‘K’

Harry: So if we’re the characters from the Wizard of Oz, then who’s Toto?
Neville: I bet it’s probably Crookshanks, or Hedwig, or Fang.
Hermione: Well, let’s see… *opens basket* FLUFFY?

Director: Rupert! You’re the Cowardly Lion, not the Sullen Lion…
Rupert: You’d be sullen to if you had to wear this

Hermione: We’re supposed to wait here for Dumbledore to owl us our instructions before doing anything. Look, here comes the bird now!
*The black owl flies towards the group, then spots Neville and flies away.*
Harry: *Aggressively* You just had to be a scare-owl!

Dorothy (Hermione): *Sings* Oh, we’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful–
Harry: Uh…Hermione. I’m a wizard.
Ron: Me too.
Neville: And me.
Hermione: Yes, well….

*Excitedly* ‘Does this mean we get to melt Umbridge?!’

Ron: *Thinking* I just KNEW that eating more of those lion’s roar candies would cause adverse side effects…

‘The Slytherins are going to pay for that!’

…And now, A peek inside Neville’s subconscious…

…And hundreds of people send in captions that say,
All: ‘There’s no place like Hogwarts, there’s no place like Hogwarts, there’s no place like Hogwarts…’


Neville: ‘Oh my God, is that how I’ll look after finishing school?!’

Hermione: We’re off to see the Wizard!
Ron: Why do we have to dress up EVERY TIME Dumbledore wants to see us in his office?!

Hermione: Oh, doing these movie character captions is so much fun!
Harry: You’re not the one covered in silver paint…
Neville: *Thinking* Finally I’ve heard of someone with less brains that me. Thank you, scarecrow!
Ron: *Grumbles* I’m just a cowardly lion. *Thinks* Wait…. Lions have claws… …WATCH OUT, KRUM, HERE I COME!

Wow, it fits! Harry can’t tell emotions, Neville isn’t so smart, Ron needs to pluck up the courage, and Hermione is the smart one.

Tune in next week to hear Voldemort’s rendition of: ‘If I Only Had A Soul’

Ron: ‘Hermione, I know you’re good at Transfiguration, but you don’t have to rub it in!’
-John and Emily

Harry: ‘Dumbledore said, ”In the end, it mattered not that you could not close your mind. It was your HEART that saved you.” So, if that’s true, then why am I the Tin Man?!

Ron: *Thinking* I wish I had the ax…I would be able to HURT the person who did this week’s picture…

All: Quidditch and cauldrons and spells…
Hermione: OH MY!!!
All: Goblins and ghouls and ghosts…
Hermione: OH MY!!! Tests and potions and exams…
Harry, Ron, and Neville: OH NO!!!

The results of Warner Bros. trying to make Harry hipper to the anime-loving Japanese, Hermione hipper with the Puritans, Ron hipper with the long-haired teens, and Neville with the French.
-Rusty S.

Rupert: I would rather be anywhere but here…..
Matthew: Hey, would you like to be covered in HAY?
Dan: Look on the bright side, at least Emma is now from Kansas, where Ben Schoen is from!
Emma: *Groans* There’s no place like home!
-Alyssa G.

Here’s what happens when Michael Goldenberg and David Yates read MuggleNet editorials rather than Order of the Phoenix.

The members of M.U.N.C.H.K.I.N.S. – the Magical United Nations Chapter of Hogwarts Kids In New Situations – pose for thier annual photo.

Harry: ‘It’s okay that you’re afraid, Ron; just keep asking yourself: ”What would Jack Bauer do?”!’

Ron: *Sighs* ‘This is typecasting on so many levels…’

Ron: *Thinking* I can’t believe Hermione convinced us to perform this stupid play for the ‘poor, over-worked’ house-elves…

Hermione: Hey, Ron, you don’t look so good… are you alright?
Ron: … …Hairball…

Whilst in Kansas, Ben’s fan club adopted some disguises so that they wouldn’t stand out…

ALL: ‘We’re off to see the Pillar – the Wonderful Pillar of Storgé!’

You know… these 4 famous characters actually kind of represent the 4 houses. Ravenclaw is represented by miss perfect, Hufflepuff is represented by the guy who doesn’t have a brain, and we all already know that the lion represents Gryffindor. As for the tin man representing Slytherin… well… he doesn’t have a heart either.

…And as Harry, Hermione and Neville are occupied with various activities, the small, furry mammal on Lupin’s upper lip reveals itself as a carnivore and devours Ron entirely.

Ron: *Indignantly* ‘My talent agent is worse than John O’Hurley’s!’

When Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville followed Sirius through the Veil, they wound up ‘somewhere over the rainbow’.
-Deanna R.

Ron puts on his angry face after losing a catfight with Crookshanks…

All: If I only had…
Harry: A break…
Hermione: A life…
Neville: A brain..
Ron: Some sense…
Voldemort: A soul…

Harry: I’m guessing the Wicked Witch of the West will be Umbridge, the Wizard will be Dumbledore and the Good Witch Glinda will be McGonagall…
Ron: You might wanna re-think that last one, mate…

Ron: ‘…Wicked!’





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