CC #179: Week of April 9, 2006

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Hermione: Urgh… I think I stepped on something…
Cedric: Lemeesee! *Sprints forward*
Harry: Eewww… *steps away*
Arthur: Dont worry – that’s just one of the exciting parts of this journey!

Mr. Weasley: Everyone together, now! Hiiiiiiiiiii…
Everyone else: *grumble grumble* Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to a-split-second-match-that-was-
supposed-to-be-the-setting-for-a-major-plot-point-but-was-cut-out-for-unknown-reasons we go…..
-Lin Yiwen

Cedric: Dad, Mr. Weasley, wait up!
Harry: It’s impossible to keep up with them now that they’ve both got those third legs! Where the heck did they come from, anyway?
Hermione: They got on the wrong side of argument with one of the Irish at the Cup…
Ginny: Yeah, and he hexed ’em good.
Hermione: They seem to be enjoying them, though…

Mr. Weasley: Quick, children! It’s some Muggles sunbathing! Let’s talk to them!

Mr. Weasley: Doe, a deer, a female deer!
Amos Diggory: Wand, a thing we cast spells with!
Hermione: Boot, a thing we’re getting near!
Fred: Dad, please can we sit a bit?!

No matter how hard they try, some people just can’t do the electric slide.

The motley group just barely made it to the Cup in time after Mr. Weasley thrusted them all unsuspectingly into a game of ‘Red Light, Green Light’.

Amos: Where are we going, Arthur?
Arthur: Just taking a little stroll up Brokeback Mountain!
Harry and Cedric: *Hastily drop hands*

As the children began shrinking, they realized the folly of drinking from a bottle labeled ‘drink me’.

Harry: ‘Uh Mr Weasley, Mr Diggory. I know you’re both big fans of Vera Lynn and all, but the white cliffs of Dover are this way, and bluebirds don’t actually fly over them anyway.’

You know Arthur Weasley has gone off the deep end when his last Muggle game of ‘Follow the Leader’ takes everyone to Peru.

Harry: Erm… does anyone understand this stuff about the ‘CC thumbnails’?
Mr. Diggory: Nope, but my son created the idea, so who cares!
Harry: …

Harry: *Laughing* Why have Mr. Weasley and Mr. Diggory spouted extra legs?
Hermione: *Looking repulsed* I’m not sure, but that’s DEFINITELY not canon!

Mr. Weasley: *Breaks into song* The hills are alive — with the sound of Magic!
Ron: Dad… not again!

Mr. Weasley: ‘Come on, everyone, we have to beat Tom Hanks on the quest to solve The DaVinci Code! Now what exactly is a ‘Lona Misa”, Harry?’
-Mini and Rina





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