CC #186: Week of May 28, 2006

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Bo Peep: ‘Oh no, I’ve lost my sheep! I hope Aberforth hasn’t got hold of them again!’

Woody and the gang meet Voldemort…and realize Sid Phillips was child’s play.

Fans: What’s with all the anti-Catholocism?
Eric: What do you mean?
Fans: Harry Potter, the DaVinci Code, AND NOW Brokeback Mountain?!
Eric: UGH! It’s just a cowboy!
-A.J. Lucas

Bo Peep: ‘Oh no! Voldemort’s turning my sheep into horcruxes! Somebody DO something!!’

Harry: ‘Wow. I haven’t seen this movie in the longest time, but I don’t remember them being evil…’

Woody was up to bat,
Ken was pitching,
And there were giant, living chess pieces as umpires.
Yup, it was gonna be hard one to win.


Harry picks up the Daily Prophet only to discover this picture staring up at him with the
headline reading, ‘Bad Parenting: Reasons why 4-year-olds Don’t Have Wands’


Umbridge hadn’t learned her lesson after messing with the centaurs – later she began teasing those in the Department of Sometimes Inanimate Beings Division and was consequently carried off to the toy chest.

Buzz: ‘I’ve been through infinity and beyond, but I don’t know if I can handle this

Buzz Lightyear: To infinity and beyond!
Hermione: Well, actually, since infinity is theoretically the greatest number in existance, and anything greater than infinity is also infinity, you really can’t go beyond it.
Buzz: Is she always like this?
Ron: *Sigh* Yeah…

Harry knew he was out of luck when the only reinforcements the Order had left were from a Disney/Pixar movie…

Woody: ‘Stay back!! Back, I tell ‘ya!! Or else I’ll — I’ll checkmate you!!’

Woody: ‘Guys, check out my new wand! It’s .45 inches, pencil wood with a core of crayon. Springy, light, particularly excellent for herding Bo Peep’s sheep and potion-making!
Toys: ….
-Erica L.

Woody: ‘Guys, would you please stop doing the YMCA. I’m trying to help find the Holy Grail! Now, if only I could get one of these chess pieces to tal… BUZZ! Stop trying to act like a knight, that’s Ron’s job!’

—Inspired in part by Cloe’s caption of May 4th-10th, 2003—-
Dear Woody,
Happy Birthday!
For your present, I got you a giant pencil!

Woody: ‘Wow! A giant pencil! Now all I need is a moustache and all my dreams will come true!’

Woody: What do you mean ‘Maniacal May is already over?!?!’
Muscleman toy: Yeah! We’ve been practicing panicky English accents for WEEKS!!!

Woody: ‘You are a CHESS PIECE! You’re not a real knight! You’re…..oh, you’re an illegally transfigured muggle artifact!’

Toy Story 1 1/2, Scene 3, Act 2 Voldemort Lands on Andy’s bed.
Little Bo Peep: How come you don’t have a wand {like Voldemort}, Woody?
Woody: It’s not a wand. It’s a little stick that blinks!
Hamm: What’s wrong with him?
Little Bo Peep: Wand envy.

Jo: ‘People did have theories that Riddle’s box of stolen toys in the orphanage would be significant, but I bet they never guessed this!






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