CC #188: Week of June 11, 2006

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Hermione: ‘I wonder how long it will be until the continuity eagles spy the American Flag on our tent…’
-Lil Dave

Twins: ‘Gee, Dad, I thought you said your situation at work was getting better?!

Step right up, Only a-one Dollar! We have things that will excite AND amaze you! There’s a Three-Headed Dog who falls asleep to music, a Half-Man, Half-Horse; there’s a Woman So Tall you might think she’s a Giant. See the Freak Man with a Second Face living under his Turban! Watch the House Elf iron his own hands! Buy a Dragon Egg on your way out, and be sure to tell your friends – watch your step, Missy!

Fred: Where’re we going, Dad?
Arthur: *Sigh* We’re going into storage, boys…

Fred: Wait a minute, Dad… so what you’re saying is –
George: We have to stay in there until the Caption Contest ‘stand still’ is over?
Both: You’ve got to be joking!
Moody (Out of Frame): Hey, it’s not so bad, sonnie. Try living locked up in your own trunk for a whole school term.
Harry (Out of Frame): Yeah, or in a cupboard under the stairs for 10 years.
Peter (Out of Frame): Or living as a rat for 12 years…
Sirius (Out of Frame): Or being in Azkaban for –
George: OKAY! OKAY!
Both: We get it!
Fred: *Muttering* Jeeze, everybody’s got a sob story nowadays…

Arthur: Come now, children, into the tent so that we can get one last glimpse of the Caption Contest before it disappears!
Fred: *Whispering to George* He knows it’s going somewhere, but he doesn’t know the part that we played in its disappearance!

George: Say, Fred, did you read the caption scroller?
Fred: Yeah, can you believe that there isn’t going to be anymore CC for a couple of weeks?!
George: I Know, it’s outrageous! I say we get a hold of some more dragon dung and put it in the Caption Man’s in-box!
-H. Moby

Fred: ‘Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight – is a skull and a snake that’s glowing green, boy THATs sure not forshadowing anything!’

The Weasley family crossed the threshold of the worn but interiorly decorative canvas, both unknowing and unsuspecting that they would find themselves next in the month of November.
-Eric (Staff)






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