CC #240: Week of November 4, 2007

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Ron: …So with that pixie dusting us, we can fly?
Harry: That’s how the story goes.

Harry, Hermione and Ron gaze on in amazement as Daniel Radcliffe’s paycheck is deposited by crane on set.

Hagrid: Sorry, Grawp, these were all I could find. They’ll have to do…
Trio: …
-Robo Cop

Harry: ‘Oh no, Ron! It’s Steve from Blue’s Clues, and he wants his sweater back!’

Trio: *All looking up at the bright light*
Ron: It’s a robot. A super-advanced robot… It’s probably Japanese. It’s definitely Japanese.

Ron: Guys… why is Grawp holding a balloon?
Hermione: And… why does it have a head?
Harry: …AUNT MARGE?!
-Eli the Barrow Boy

Grawp: I have decided to let one of you go. The others will be eaten. Convince me of which one I should let go.
Harry: There is no way my friends will abandon me!
Ron: Yeah, same here!
Hermione: Boy meat tastes gooooood
Grawp: Very well. You may go.
Harry and Ron: Hermione! *Facepalms*

The trio could tell without a doubt that it was the last book in the series – Waldo had been found, the speech bubbles were finally returning from their ‘business’ in the Hufflepuff Common Room, Eric had ordered Subway, and the whole thing was priceless.

Ron: ‘Harry, when your godfather said that Voldemort had huge numbers at his command, I didn’t think he was being literal!’

Ron: Inconceivable!
Hermione: You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
-Amanda the Nerd

Harry: Accio Hagrid!
*Distant rumble*
Hermione: …
Ron: …
*Thundering rumble*
Harry: Uh-oh…

Hermione: Does it look like Grawp got taller? And thinner, too… do you think he’s okay?
Ron: Who cares? If he dies, it’s just one less thing we have to worry about!
Hermione: RON! You have the sensitivity range of a teaspoon!
Harry: Relax, he’s not going to die, I reckon he just got a face lift – or make that a body lift.
Hermione: Harry, that’s ridiculous! Giants don’t get ANY kind of ‘lifts’!
Ron: I don’t know, Hermione… if I was a giant and had that kind of flab, I would definitely consider it.

Hermione: Have you ever noticed that we’re always referred to as ‘Harry, Ron and Hermione’? Why am I always last? I mean, it’s certainly not alphabetical, is it?
Harry: Well, it’s the order I met you. First, I met, well, me. And then I met Ron and then I met you.
Ron: Yeah, well, why are you first? I met me first, too! Hermione, you think being last is bad? Try being stuck in the middle.
Harry: Maybe it’s ‘Harry, Ron and Hermione’ just becuase that has the best ring to it.
Ron: That’s impossible. ‘Ron, Harry and Hermione’ sounds way better.
Hermione: Hey, how come you still put me last?
Ron: *Pauses*
Hermione: ?
Ron: Because you are the most important!

The 2008 Season for Gladrags Wizardwear is casual Muggle. Wizard robes are so yesterday!

Director: ‘Dan, look scared. Emma, look scared. Rupert? Look scared and STRUT!’

Harry: What’s that?
Ron: Oh!
Hermione: Ooh! That’s the jiggery pokery wiggly piggly poking spidey spider!
Ron: WTF!
Hermione: And it also increases your mind level if you stare at him for five –
Ron: *Making eyes and ears closed* Lalalalalalalalalalaaalaaalllaaaa….

Ron: Why are we all staring upwards?
Harry: To help the caption writers.
Hermione: They should be able to get some pretty good ones out of this!
Ron: Then why is this one such rubbish?

Ron: So that’s what Umbridge looks like in a bikini… ew…
Hermione: And that’s what Dumbledore looks like in a bikini.
Harry: Well… at least we know he’s not interested in that.

Hermione: ‘Why? Why is it always the abnormally tall ones who like me?’

Hermione: ‘Harry I told you. To survive The Foot you have to wear stripes like Ronald and I do!’

‘Harry! You never told us your father was the James with the giant peach!’

Ron: Oy! The moon is full!
Hermione: Oh no, poor professor Lupin.
Harry: That’s no moon… that’s a SPACE STATION!
Ron: I have a bad feeling about this…

Harry: *Backing away* Nice Grawpy… good Grawpy…
Hermione: *Nervously* He’s looking at me strangely…
Ron: *Getting angry* Back off you weirdo… troll… giant… type thing! SHE’S MINE!
Hermione: …
Grawp: *Pouts*

Ron was right… the mysterious trail of hot dogs did lead to a colony of much bigger hot dogs after all.

Ron: I do believe in spooks, I do, I do.
Hermione: There’s no place like Hogwarts Library, there’s no place like Hogwarts Library…
Harry: Just once, I’d like to go out for a walk and not be attacked by something!

Ron: Shouldn’t that be the Dark Mark?
Harry: Well, the Bat Signal works just as well…
-A.J. Lucas

Although not obvious from the picture, the trio has been turned into muffins and placed into an oven.
Harry: ARGH! We’re in an oven!
Ron: ARGH! A talking muffin!

Harry: Don’t look into the light!
Ron: But it’s so pretty…
Hermione: *Grumbles* So much for those wedding plans…

Hermione: Harry, what do you mean by ‘I thought giving Kreacher a growth potion would make him happy’?!
Kreacher: MUST KILL!!!

…And then Harry realized, in a mixture of shock and horror, that the giants were nearby, and that he had decided that very morning not to wear what he had referred to as ‘those stupid and ugly striped shirts’ and which Hermione had insisted would serve as a form of magical protection…





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