CC #252: Week of February 10, 2008

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Harry: There was a man named Seamus Finnigan.
He grew whiskers on his chinnigan.
The wind blew it off, but it grew inagain,
Poor old Seamus Finnigan, beginagain…

Seamus: Your mom grew whiskers on her chinnigan!
Harry: *Gasp* Oh no you didn’t!

Seamus: Harry, don’t leave the band…
Harry: Look, I just want to rap. No offense, but H Piddy aint for your band…

Seamus: Yeah, so it’s true. Do you want to make something out of it?
Harry: Why would I care if your grandmother’s great aunt’s first name is Rosemary?

Seamus: Take it back!
Kid: But… all I said was ‘Your mama is Scottish.’

Devon Murray: Hey, you! You know, my mum almost didn’t let me come back for the seventh film.
Dan Radcliffe: Why?
Devon Murray: Because you said that the whole ‘Spielberg Directing Deathly Hallows’ thing was rubbish. She always liked him, ET and War of the Worlds
Dan Radcliffe: Hey, you OBVIOUSLY haven’t read the book, because the movie was a piece of –
Devon Murray: Are you insulting me mum?!
Dan Radcliffe: No, I’m insulting Spielberg.
Devon Murray: Anyone else believe the mad one?
Rupert Grint: *Appears from the back* I do. Anyone else got a problem with Harry? *Walks back to dormitory with Harry* Well, it’s not like he actually gets a big part in the last movie anyway, right?

Seamus: Your little girlfriend gave me the stinkeye in art class yesterday.
Harry: She’s not my girlfriend, alright? And I doubt she gave you the stinkeye – that’s just how her face looks, you know? That’s just… her face…

Harry: Hey, guys, Fleur’s being cut from Half-Blood Prince!
Seamus: What?! I’m going to cry! *Tear*
Girls in Background: *Secretly throw a party but keep a straight face*

Harry: What’s your problem, Seamus?
Seamus: You denied my friend request on MySpace and Facebook!

Harry: And I thought the hippogriff was the ugliest I would ever challenge to a staring contest.
-Fred the Holey

Seamus: Don’t you dare have a go at my mum!
Harry: Did she give you your haircut?
Seamus: Yeah, what? Why?
Harry: I don’t think I need to. You’re punished enough.

Harry: Why does everyone look so depressed?
Seamus: Educational Decree 49… *Points to a sign on the wall*
Harry: ‘No smiling’? What’ll she ban next, breathing?!
Seamus: Why do you think our faces are so red? We’re practicing…
-Bethan Louise

Seamus: ‘Hey, I’ve noticed that this movie’s been pretty miserable for you so far. That’s why I’m here to add even more angst to your life!’

Seamus: ‘We’ve all signed a petition… you can’t eat enchanted burritos before you go to bed, Harry. It’s just not fair for the rest of us.’

Seamus: Just cause me and Ron have lightning bolts on our foreheads doesn’t mean that we want attention, Harry!
Ron: *In background* YEAH!

Seamus: You’re here and I’m here, but where is Broadway?

Seamus: ‘…So then I raised my hand and said, ”Mr. President, how do you plan to bring our soldiers out of Iraq?” And the next thing I knew it, I was a foreign transfer student to England…’

Seamus: ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish!’

Harry: What’s up your behind?
Seamus: Did you tell Ron that I smelled like cabbage?
Harry: No, I said it smells like cabbage.
Seamus: Don’t lie!
Harry: Listen, just because you are Irish and I said ‘cabbage’ doesn’t mean I was talking about you!
Seamus: You are such a liar! Even my mum says it.
Harry: Speaking of cabbage…
Seamus: HEY!
-Merlin’s Beard

Harry: Are you calling me crazy?
Seamus: Almost as crazy as this girl who tried to start the ‘Puffy Sleeves Club.’
Puffy Sleeved Girl: Hey…!





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