CC #259: Week of March 30, 2008

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Luna: Whoa, watch out, Harry! There’s a nargle right on your nose! Don’t move, I’ll get it.
Harry: *Sigh* That’s the third time you’ve said that, Luna. For the last time, it’s called ACNE.
-Clarissa S.

Harry: Nargles don’t exist.
Luna: ………
-Weird Sister

Luna: ‘…and that’s how I found the seven uses for caffeine.’
-Beth O.

Luna: Wow, so Snape was standing behind you and your parents, just – staring at you?
Harry: Yeah, it was really creepy! And then I suddenly ended up here!
Luna: Whoa…

Harry: Ohh, Luna, did you hear that the Deathly Hallows will be split into two movies?
Luna: Really? I hope there will be pudding in both.

Harry: I’m sorry, Luna, but that sweater is out of style.
Luna: But I bought it just five minutes ago!
Harry: Perhaps, but it is so five minutes ago.

Luna: ‘Harry, there’s a lightning bolt on your face… Here, let me wipe it off.’

Coming up next on Survivor: Forbidden Forest…
Harry: I only took you to Slughorn’s party because Ginny was dating Dean at the time.
Luna: *Shocked*
Stay tuned on CBS, 8pm ET/PT.

Harry: ‘So, I think Snape may be my father…’
-Jessica M.

Harry: Dammit Luna, there is no such thing as a Snorcack and the Quibbler is stupid and your father is a blistering idiot!
Luna: …Does this mean that we can’t be friends?
Harry: …

Luna: I’m having a little trouble concentrating.
Harry: Oh, well I could sell you some of my Adderall if you want?
Luna: No, thanks, I’m off pills.
Harry: That’s probably a wise choice because I knew this kid who had, like, this crazy freak-out because he took too many behavioral meds at once and he, like, ripped off his clothes and dove into the fountain at the Ministry of Magic and was like, ‘Blah, I am a Kracken from the sea!!!’
Luna: I heard that was you.

The companion photo to March 23, 2003: ‘Five Years Later.’

After Harry tells Luna the story of kissing Cho in the Room of Requirement.
Luna: What?! You kissed under mistletoe with nargles?! Harry, everyone knows that dooms a relationship! It makes the girl all teary and the boy all cranky and pubescent!

Harry: *Looking into Luna’s eyes* ‘Uh… are you sure you’re not related to Christopher Lloyd?’

Luna: ‘WHAT? Nargles AREN’T real?! Cite your source!!!’

Luna: You have snarklebambinolinos on your face…
Harry: I, what?
Luna: Big eyebrows. *Nods*
Harry: …you’re… big eyebrows…

—-In appreciation of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’—-
Harry: *Singing* Turn around…
Luna: *Singing* Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you never come around.
Harry: *Singing* Turn around, bright eyes.
Luna: *Singing* Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears.
Harry: *Singing* Turn around, bright eyes!
Luna: *Singing* Every now and then I fall apart! And I need you now, tonight! And I need you more than ever. And if you’d only hold me tight, we’d be holding on forever. And we’ll only be making it right, cause we’ll never be wrong, together we can take it to the end of the night. Your love is like a dagger in me all of the time. I don’t know what to do, and I’m always in the dark. I really need you tonight. Forever’s gonna start tonight!
Harry: *Singing* Once upon a time I was falling in love. Now I’m only falling apart. There’s nothing you can say. Total eclipse of the heart…
Luna: *Singing* Turn around, bright eyes!
Harry: *Singing continues*
-Stubby Bordman

Luna: It’s not really so bad in here…
Harry: *Stares*
Luna: Well, I’m not saying I want to build a summer home, but the trees are actually quite lovely.

Luna: ‘Oh… my… god… you have a scar on your forehead. What did you do, run into a mailbox?’
-Kristin P.

Harry: Luna, are you high?
Luna: Only on life, Harry, only on life.






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