CC #267: Week of May 25, 2008

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Harry: ‘I LOVE Charades!’

Harry: So, Tink, what you’re saying is that your fairy dust can make Ron a better flier?
Tink: Yep.
Harry: Good. Because, between you and me, he isn’t that good.
Ron: HEY!
Harry: Well, why do you think the Slytherins all sing ‘Weasley is Our King’?

Ron: Harry, did your Care of Magical Creatures experiment steal your wand again?
Harry: Er… no?
-North Tower Ghost

Harry: Hi, Tink.
Ron: That was an awful impression of Seamus. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Harry: ‘…and one other thing – what happens in Gryffindor stays in Gryffindor.’
-Jack O.

Tink: Do you like clocks?
Ron: Why’d you ask?
Harry: Shh! It might be a trick!

Harry: *Seeing Tinkerbell* Ron! This is a wonderful opportunity to teach you about those Muggle fairy tales you were so curious about!
Ron: Um… Sure.
Harry: Now this specimen here is a tiny fairy girl who lives in a land where noone ever gets old. When she talks it sounds like a bell and she teaches little Muggle children to fly with her magical fairy dust!
Ron: And you laughed at Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump…

Harry: I know it’s creepy, but I can’t stop staring at her…
Ron: I know what you mean…
-Daniel H.

Ron: Told you she was real.
Harry: How could you expect me to believe you? You have faith in the Chudley Cannons every year!

Harry: Ron, I told you that you were doing it wrong! It’s the second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning…
Ron: I could have sworn it was the third star to the right and zig-zag ’til morning…
Tinkerbell: …

Harry: If I go to Neverland with Tink, I’ll never grow up!
Ron: Oh, no! You are NOT staying a teenager forever! There’s no way we’ll be able to put up with THAT much angst!

Ron: Harry, you’re marrying my sister.
Harry: So?
Ron: Stop ogling the Disney character…

Ron: ‘I think I’m over Fleur.’

Ron: ‘Harry, just because you were mad at Cho doesn’t mean you’re allowed to turn her into a cartoon, self-centered pixie…’
-Sarcastic Rachel

Ron: ‘I told you, Harry, don’t give the Snitch to Ginny! Now look what she’s done… How are you supposed to catch that?

Ron: ‘I swear, the first years are getting smaller every year…’

Harry: ‘Hold on to your hat, Ron, the Mary Sues are getting smaller…’

Harry: Quiet, Ron! She says she knows where the Horcruxes are!
Ron: How?
Harry: She says Lucius Malfoy told her. Now shush!

HP Fan: ‘I can accept the changes they’ve made with Flitwick in the first five films, but this is going too far.’

Tinkerbell: …Eight, nine, ten! Yep! All toes accounted for!
Harry and Ron: …

Harry: Ron, please tell me they didn’t sell all the rights to Disney…
Ron: ‘Fraid so, mate. It can’t be that bad, can it?
Harry: Well, if you’re willing to sing and dance to many numerous musical numbers…
Ron: Sell us back! Sell us back!
-Shawn Avers

Tinkerbell: *Tinkles*
Harry: What’s that, Tink? Timmy’s stuck in a well?
-Pi Are Squared

Harry: I do believe in fairies!
Ron: I do! I do!
Lord Voldemort: I don’t! Mwah hahah ha ha!
Tinkerbell: *Falls over*
All: …

Yule Ball time again at Hogwarts…
Harry: It’s two days to the Yule Ball, and I don’t have a date!
Ron: Relax, mate, I’m sure you’ll find someone good-looking. Just think.
Tinkerbell: *Loud bell sound*
Ron: Any luck?
Harry: No one comes to mind.
Ron: Sorry, mate. Guess you’ll just have to ask Moaning Myrtle.
Tinkerbell: *Stalks off in rage*
-Jess the Pickleator

Ron: Face it, Harry, you’ll never be able to figure out the last clue for the Triwizard Tournament.
Harry: Why?
Ron: Because it’s a woman.

Ron: *Wide-eyed* Harry, do you know what that is?
Harry: I have a small idea…
Ron: What are you doing, Harry?
Harry: Thinking of a wonderful thought.






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