CC #276: Week of August 3, 2008

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As Draco went to the closet to check for monsters, he had no idea of the scary sight he would find…
Draco: ‘Mom? Voldemort?!’

Malfoy: Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kill you right here?!
Harry: We’re in the middle of class.
Malfoy: That’s… a good reason.

Malfoy: Why are you laughing? I’m about to kill you.
Dumbledore: Oh yes, I know. But I could never take any death threat seriously when it’s carried out by a twig. All I can think of is the person saying ‘Watch it! I’ll POKE you!’ It’s just so very comical, you see…

Malfoy: ‘I wonder where I’ll live when I grow up. *Spins globe* Pacific Ocean? Bah! *Spins again*’

‘I swear to drunk I’m not Merlin.’
-Tara Seanan

Malfoy: *Thinking* Wow, I better get my wand on the Jenny Craig diet again…

Earth kebab.

Tom Felton: ‘Right, I quit. Unless they find someone who makes decent action figures, I’m out of here.’

Harry: Lose some weight there, Malfoy?
Draco: Shut up, Potter! I’ve been… stressed.
Harry: Oh… sorry.
-Jam jar

Draco: *To Myrtle* ‘…and the worst part is, I didn’t even get mentioned in the teaser trailer!’

Malfoy: This is it, the Elder Wand! With it, I can defeat the Dark –
Voldemort: -Hmm?
Malfoy: …Dark things in my closet!
-Mike V.

Malfoy: FINALLY! England shall forever be known as ‘Malfoyria’!
Voldemort: Ahem.
Malfoy: Fine… *Half-heartedly* and the rest of the world is ‘Voldemania.’

Voldemort: ‘Draco, life throws you curve balls every once in a while. Fortunately, life throws like a little girl, so the curve balls usually just bounce off the wall. Show no fear.’
-O Bother

Draco: Updatius Captioncontestius!






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